Stingo & Kush

Theme Song

Welcome to University of Hemp Australia (UHA). Where advancing cannabis is the game, Stingo and Kush are the all-stars supported by friends of diversity and the Evil Teddy’s  

The Whole Crew

…well, the Evil Teddies are out to destroy it all.

The Society

Meet Stingo & Kush

Through their eyes, we get a fresh peek into the personal and professional lives of students who are out to become legendary stoners in their chosen industry as well as the lecturers who train them.  In small but powerful interactions Stingo and Kush also transcend into the universe of Nugtopia where Granddaddy speaks directly to our protagonist guiding them on the path of success. The funny, insightful, and always irrelevant interactions guide the protagonists through this new terrain, revealing that a secret society of influential figures are out to destroy the plan of UHA & students alike. Placing the hopes and future of cannabis worldwide on Stingo and Kush’s back.

Similar to Assassination Classroom with a spin of Rick and Morty, the classrooms in UHA set the theme for the character story lines of each episode. Exciting real-world research for each students’ cases (business, medical, horticultural, science, music, and sport) are married with the personal lives and relationships of our characters. In short, cannabis research serves as a vivid backdrop to our characters’ lives. Episodes take place both inside and outside the UHA campus.  For instance, the common room is a major location in our show as is a Nugtopia universe frequented by Stingo and Kush. Stingo and Kush is not so much about people training to be legendary stoners as it is about people who are trying to live out their lives DESPITE the fact that they are training to be legendary stoners.

Oh, and it never hurts to tell you once again that this show is warm, funny, hopeful and most of all, young.

The Stingo & Kush Difference
  • Empower people everywhere with cannabis and it’s life changing qualities
  • Inspire a world of peace, happiness and inclusion
  • Produce the best new exciting stories of Stingo + Kush
  • Educate people with up to date informative content
Become Involved.

We are always on the lookout to collaborate with cannabis companies and artist who want to be part of our project. Send us an email and we will get back as soon as we can to discuss ideas on how we can make that work.


Resources & Blog Posts

Meet The Characters – Nugtopia

Nugtopia is a parallel universe away from the universe that Stingo and Kush reside. Stingo & Kush discover this universe by accident. You see, Nugtopia are our multiverse guides who serve the story from the role of fortune tellers. The Nugtopia crew lives in another dimension where Stingo and Kush journey to through cannabis induced…

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Meet The Characters – The Society

The society is led by skilled, evil, strategic, and well-backed teddy bears in suits — exactly the kind of evil force we all hope doesn’t exist. But they do. The society is an influential group of conservatives who have vested interest in keeping the status quo. A conniving group who will stop at nothing to…

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Meet The Characters – K9 Security Crew

The K9 crew are our campus security guards. These 5 puppies cause mayhem everywhere they go. Assigned to the school by the government, serving as a not-so-secret spy for the society, these puppies on the surface are totally clumsy idiots. Super loyal to their masters, the K9 crew takes orders from Prof.D and Madam Lucid…

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