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Hemp Vs Cotton

Here at Stingo and Kush we made it our mission to provide the people with the best quality, most sustainable and overall most environmentally friendly products we can make! That’s why we choose Hemp, man!  

So what is Hemp? 
Well you better sit down girls and boys, grab a cone light it up and read the history Uncle Stingo is about to tell you. 
Once upon a time in a land not so far from here with a big arse wall lived a man known as Emperor Shen Nung. The Emperor was a man that ruled China in about the time of 2700 BC. Now the Emperor you see was the first world ruler where written recorded evidence shows that he was fond of a particular plant which has so many outstanding qualities, yes that right the same plant your coughing as you read this, Cannabis Sativa. 

Yo! Slow down there don’t get to excited and start trying to light up that fresh Tee you just got off the website, you just can’t get high of Hemp it doesn’t work. Bummer we know but let Uncle Stingo tell you why?

Hemp is made from the stalks of the Cannabis Sativa plant which only contains roughly 0.3% or below of the psychoactive compound known as THC. The fibres are separated then spun into yarn and woven or knitted into fabric. 
History shows the Emperor wasn’t the only ruler who knew how to get it on by using Cannabis. King Henry VIII, saw how the material hemp can be used to make sailing ships because of its strong nature and salt resistant qualities. Leading to hemp being used to manufacture sails, ropes, decks and more! King Henry did not want the country to run dry of this magic plant so he ordered a law, in 1535, enforcing every citizen to plant a patch of hemp on their lawn (if only our politicians had the same approach and toke as the Emperor). 
In fact, Hemp is so old that the American constitution, the first pair of levis jeans, canvas and many other materials we know today is made from it. 

What makes Hemp fabric a great choice for you? 
Uncle Stingo will never steer you wrong my fellow puff puff pass soldier. Below is many reasons why Hemp is for you. 

1 – Hemp takes roids! Nope not really but might as well. Hemp is so strong and durable when compared with cotton the material is three times stronger! Make thing even better Hemp doesn’t loose it’s gains even after repeated washes. The fibre does not break down just gets nice and soft. 

2 – Its an insulator. Hemp has this extraordinary power to keep you all snug in a rug like a bug. No more cold mornings trying to walk to the kitchen to turn on the jug freezing, stay warm with Hemp.

3 – Hemp just breathes. The material acts like a bouncer at the club not letting moisture in telling it to move on so it can be evaporated, thus you will stay cool like the cool summer breeze in the air even when the sun needs to tone it down.

4 – Hemp and bacteria do not get along so Hemps gone full antibacterial. The antibacterial and antimicrobial elements in the Hemp fabric prevents them stinky haven’t washed your clothes in a week smell. 

5 – Hemp has a fully awesome built in UV protection. When the sun comes to play Hemp keeps the cancer away! Added bonus of this feature is the color protection. No fades on this Dingo, all about the dreads man.

6 – You know how when you wash your cotton clothes than if its not dry in time you get some smelly mold or mildew? Then you need to wash it again. Its no fun right. Well Hemp is mold and mildew free! Uncle Stingo gives this a gold puff.

7 – Don’t you hate when you put your clothes in your bag to take for a sesh but take them out when you get there and its all wrinkled up? Yeah Uncle Stingo and Popper Kush use to also until they got Hemp. Hemp is wrinkle resistant.

8 – Uncle Stingo knows that his been giving cotton and other materials a hard time. But he does wanna add that Hemp is very versatile and can be blended and used with different materials to change the texture, weight and colour of it.

9 – Got no time to put into caring for your clothing? Hemp is the answer. The material is naturally stronger wet than dry allowing for easy to wash and care for without the stress and worry of putting the washing machine on the wrong setting.

10 – Hemp is all Natural. The pure essence of this makes the plant all the more remarkable. Hemp comes from the earth, is produced naturally and has so many environmentally important features about it. Uncle Stingo is going to share with you some of them now. 

There you go my friends some of the many reasons why hemp is a better alternative for your clothing needs than cotton.

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