Introducing Stingo + Kush

Stingo + Kush? Who are the most iconic Australian stoner duo? What is their mission? These questions and more will be answered now! Keep reading to find out!

Who are Stingo + Kush? Australia’s most iconic stoners!

Stingo Da Dingo

An native Australian Dingo who is a keen advocate for Stevia based cannabis products. Can be found hanging out with Kush with a Shaby in his hand! Watch out his known for the catch phrase “Stingo stole my Shaby”

Kush Da Kolara

An native Australian Kolara who is known to be a keen supporter of the Indica based cannabis products. Word on the street is Kush is found hanging out with Stingo trying to hide his Shaby! With a indica leaf in his mouth no wonder Kush is always found sleeping when his needed most!

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What is Stingo + Kush mission?

  • To help you accomplish your goal of being an environmentally responsible consumer.
  • To have the tough conversations to push the revolution of cannabis legalisation.
  • To entertain, educate, inspire the world through story and ideas.
  • To be the most environmentally responsible retailer operater we possible can be.
  • To push the boundaries of conventional wisdom with new technologies in the cannabis industry.
  • To spiritually awaken ourselves and our environment.

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