Stingo and Kush- 3 best ways to clean your bong!

Stingo and Kush know there is nothing worse than trying to get the horrible build up that is stuck to your bong off!

Putting together years of experience and research Stingo and Kush have 3 easy ways to share with you to get your bong clean now! Trust in the process this is the best way to clean your bong.

1 – Hot Soapy Water

Stingo : Kush bro, why is your bong so fucken dirty dude? It looks like Mr Milats bath water!

Kush : Stingo ya sliced pineapple, who has time to clean ya bong when you can smoke ya bong?

Stingo: A stoner who wants to have the best high and experience possible that’s who🍁

Stingo: Its plain and simple but super effective. This method is best if you have a bong with rubber bottoms or pipe holders. If not that’s okay anyways, just means you will more than likely need a bong cleaning stick like the ones you can find here Bong cleaner pack.

Stingo: Just fill the bong with hot soapy water, put in a cleaning sponge or other cleaning product through the stem hole, use your fingers and clean out the resin.


Stingo : Kush have you heard of this stuff called a bong cleaner?

Kush : Nah Stingo I havent what is it bro?

Stingo : Kush it’s some magic shit! You put it in your bong, hit it with some hot water and give it a quick wipe over and bam! The bongs cleaner than my plate after 420.

Kush : That’s so dope bro! I’m going to get some but where?

Stingo : Just click Hereand it will be in your hands in no time. Don’t waste time having a dirty bong anymore.

Stingo: For the most effective clean follow instructions on the bottle Kush. To easy.


Stingo: Kush have you ever heard of the “old school” method of cleaning your bong?

Kush : Nah Stingo I haven’t what is it?

Stingo: Kush it’s as cruisy as it can be. All you need is two tools yo.

Kush : what are the tools, you fool.

Stingo: Kush please just take a toke and chill. All you need is methylated spirits and large chunks of salt or anything similar.

Kush: Then what do you do Stingo?

Stingo: Easy all you do it put both products into the bong, swish around untill clean then rinse thoroughly with hot soapy water to ensure no methylated spirits are left!

Kush : Stingo thanks for always looking out for your boy!

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