Short Story- Too much to drink

Short story by Stingo and Kush. Titled too much to drink.

The smell as you walked towards the big trees down near the river, was this incredibly musky bubblegum like scent. It looked like it was coming from this smoke radiating from the tree branches. Whoever was creating this odor, surly did not care who could smell this amazing but illegal scent, that’s for certain.

Sitting in the tree branches smoking a joint the size of a ruler was Stingo da Dingo and Kush da Koala. As Kush lights up the joint for this rotation and takes a hit of the J, he turns to Stingo and mutters “I really hope the tree branches on this big ass tree, will stop the joint catching anyones attention.” “When someone comes by it creeps me out”.

Stingo with a smirk on his face takes the blunt from Kush and replies “ Kush don’t be such a loser bro, there is nothing to worry about”.

“ No one can see us up here anyway bro, were hidden like ninja’s”. Stingo implies with a karate chop into the air.

Kush glares back with a noticeable worried expression then replies “Yeah Yeah, just give me the J back ya bich”

As Stingo hands over the J to Kush, Stingo asks Kush how to get a drink because his got cotton mouth from his last draw.

Kush answers “ Just go down the tree, walk straight towards the river and you will see a drinking hole”.

“Dare you to drink the brown stuff next to it but!” Stingo looks at Kush with a stunned face “ Brown stuff ??” Kush replies “ Yeah it’s the sewage water, it suits you because your breath smells like shit!”

Kush cannot contain himself, starts to crack up laughing, being way to loud. Stingo quickly shuffles down the branches on his way to the ground. Then begins his short walk down to the drinking hole.

Meanwhile Kush is sitting in the tree lighting the J back up and trying to smoke as much of the joint possible before Stingo gets back.

Stingo finally has spotted the drinking hole and B lined for it like he was getting chased by a debt collector. Upon reaching the drinking hole a Lion named Lifted approached him. In sheer shock Stingo jumps. “Arrh! I’ll chop ya if you come near me cunt!”

Lifted stands there like a brick wall, not phased at all by Stingo theatrics. Lifted leans over, you can see the sweat dripping down Stingo face, his thinking ‘Fuck me what have I done’.

But just before he drops his face he looks at Lifted with the biggest, cheekiest looking grin since Jim Carey in the mask.
Lifted stares with a serious look before asking Stingo in a deep manculain voice “where did you get that dope weed from bro?” “It smells so dank”.

Stingo’s smile increased like he just saw McDonalds golden arches on his way home from a night out.
Without a bunk of the eye Stingo replies “ Me and Kush are smoking a dope J up in the big trees”.

“just walk up there and climb up”

“careful but Kush is sometime paranoid so go up to the tree slowly”.

Lifted thanks Stingo and went off on his way to the big trees. Stingo turns and says out loud “Fuck me dead, I thought for sure he was gunna squash me like a mozzie”.

Stingo finally arrives at the drinking hole, shovels as much water down as possible. Dripping in water, feeling refreshed Stingo heads back to the big trees.

Back at the trees Kush has just punished the Joint by a whopping 37 hits! Taking a whole 2/3rds of the J! Stingo is going to be pissed!

Without warning, Kush hears a sound down below, it’s a rustling noise getting louder and louder with every creeping moment. Baked off his rocket Kush reluctantly looks down.

With eyes more blood shot red than Manchester United’s season, Kush spots Lifted, instantly his eye open so wide, head tilts back, joint falls out of hiw paw. Kush is in utter shock!

See for Kush the cooked koala it looks like a big fucken Stingo da Dingo just with more hair! Before he could realise his made a mistake. Kush turns and says to Lifted “Fuck mate how much did ya have to drink”

Stingo arrives back they all laugh and you subscribed now for more up coming Stingo and Kush adventures. Thank you for reading this short story.

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