Coronavirus and Cannabis: How do they react?

Display of COVID-19
Coronavirus and Cannabis

Welcome back friend for another installment of “Kush Koalafications“. In this episode Kush and Stingo will dive deep down into the Coronavirus, what it is and how cannabis is kicking its arse one wipe at a time!

Firstly, Kush and Stingo wanna take a moment to congratulate all the hard work and effort put in by our Scientists, health care professionals and governments for their approach to handling this widespread viral outbreak. 😚💨 we will pull a cone in your honor that’s for sure.

Okay my stoned friend lets do some mind altering discoveries.

Stingo: Dr Kush, is the word on the hemp vine, about cannabis kicking the coronavirus all the way back into extinction true?

Kush: Stingo, for once you’re right🤔 what’s going on in those hemp vines?

Kush: Before I proceed, just wanna say this is not a dig at Constellation brands . We deeply love your work, keep making them Corona beers we all know and love. Unlucky buggers.

Kush: The whole world is currently freaking the fuck out about a virus known as COVID-19. For some fucked up reason there is this freak of nature virus spreading faster than the boys when you ask them to chip in for bud.

Stingo: Watching the news every day all I see is people reporting about how horrible and gut wrenching the virus has become from a world perspective. Killing so many world wide. Kush, you say you know a way we can now fight back?

Kush: That’s right there is a company using cannabis to destroy the virus!

Stingo: Kush, you wouldn’t be dabbling on about the boys from Australia and New Zealand who created cannabis wipes and hand sanitizers would you?

Kush: Why you trying to kill my vibe? This is suppose to be “Dr Kush” not “Smart Arse Stingo Section”. Just smoke a cone and relax, let me talk my shit.

Kush: Okay moving on, well as much as I hate to admit it Stingo is correct. The crew from Zoono created a hemp product which has a better than 99.99% success rate in blasting the coronavirus back into extinction.

Kush: So basically the coronavirus and cannabis do not go well together at all. Kinda like trying to get your thong’s back from the boys after a night blazing in the shed. They’re long gone, never to be seen again. With the work of the science boys and girls from places like Zoono, we can hopefully say “i’ve only got coronas in my fridge and not in my bong”.

Stingo: Thank you for being a legend of a stoner. Before you go, don’t forget to subscribe, comment and share our posts!

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