What is on the pizza Pt 1?

What’s on the pizza pt 1?

What is on the pizza?

As the clock strikes 6:30 and the alarm from his bed side clock
begins to ring out, the unsuspecting Kush da Koala, can be seen
rolling over in anticipation of turning the alarm off. But before
he gets to the other side of the bed, he rolls into last night’s
dominos pizza box, which to his surprise is still open.

This disgustingly odorous but familiar sound rings out , as the
pizza glues itself to Kush’s hand me down hemp boxer shorts.
Kush, in a hurried fashion attempts to remove the sticky, old
cheesy pizza from his older cousins mates shorts, however Kush
has now come to realise it’s stuck. Kush, thinks to himself
“what the fuck is on this pizza?”. Kush, being in the process of
removing this now cement like pizza from his infamous shorts,
lashing at it with excessive force, can’t help but notice some
very unusual toppings.

Kush brings the pizza up to his nose to take a sniff, he cannot
help but notice a distinct hint of peppermint, orange, chocolate
and an what seems to Kush, an unfamiliar smell. Confused and
stunned, as quickly as possible Kush looks at his desk for his
phone to check the order on his app. Yep everything looks fine
just a large meatlovers pizza, 10 pack of chicken wings a garlic
bread and a bottle of pepsi max.

Kush pulls down the notifications bar on his android phone.
There is a few things from social media, however that’s not what draws his attention, one particular text message from Stingo sticks out like the plumbers bum crack.
“Fuck having pizza at yours again for the footy bro after last

That’s it, surely Stingo will know what’s on this hideous
monster made pizza.. what the fuck are the toppings? and why
the fuck is it in my bed?

Hmm, shall I message him now? Hours pass, still no reply? Kush is overwhelmed with anxious feelings now he cannot wait any more. He dials out to Stingo. The phone rings, the sound from the dial makes him cringe with every passing moment. All of a sudden the dial clicks over but
what does he hear?

You will have to Subscribe now to find out what happened to Stingo? What’s on
the pizza? How many cones did the boys have to be this fucked
up? This and so much more coming soon!

Shh! First notice of the soon to be Stingo and Kush animation show!
Subscribers will get first look, so subscribe now, you really don’t
miss out on this one!

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