Fried Friday – Stingo and Kush Know Stoner Food

Welcome to the first installment of Stingo and Kush’s Fried Fridays. Where Stingo and Kush discuss the must have mouth watering, life changing food experiences you will need in your life when baked off your brain from marijuana in Australia. Also known as stoner food.

First on today’s agenda is the best three, must have food experiences, that are essential when you’re grilling with the crew at home and want to treat yourself to some of what Australia has to offer!

Both Stingo and Kush share there must have’s for this week. Then before all is lost and your taste buds cannot handle any more ideas they will share one final recommendation for a mouth watering, hunger crunching feast on a fried friday.

1- Hungry Jack’s

Kush: Stingo, after you smash down some mango kush from the local dealer what is your go to food?

Stingo: Bro, that’s so easy, our version of Burger Kings here in the land from down under Hungry Jack’s.

Stingo: If you had more cones than the local council road works than a hunger tamers meal is a go to for us Dingoes in Australia.

Best Stoner Food In Oz

2 – Donarch Fine Chocolate

Stingo: Kush now you know my fried friday choice of munchies. What is yours old friend?

Kush: Hmm, Thats a tough one. See after downing some incredible spiritually lifting medical herbs a chocolate from Donarchs Fine chocolate is the number one treat in the town. This incredibly gifted chocolate crafter knows a thing or two about making the best treat in all of Australia. Dr Kush’s big thumbs up.

Stingo: How did I know you were going to pick something like chocolate you leaf eating herbivore.

Stingo: We should tell our readers our final choice which we always, always seem to find ordering no matter how much we tell ourselves we won’t this time.

Kush: Stingo, don’t say anything otherwise they will know our thing aye.

Stingo: Kush, give a little, yeah brother?

Donarch Fine Chocolate

3 – Domino’s Pizza

Kush: Okay Stingo, we all know from the What’s on the Pizza pt 1 , that we cannot resist a dominos pizza on a friday night while kicking back watching Kayo sports .

Stingo: Does pineapple belong on pizza Kush?

Kush: Hmm, yeah it does but how about we let our readers decide? Please comment and share your thoughts?

Stingo: To our beloved readers what do you reckon? Does pineapple belong on pizza or nah? Please comment and share now! Don’t forget to subscribe there is big news coming soon.

dominos pizza

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