Cannabis and Music? We love it but why?

Welcome our friend to another episode of Dr Kush’s – Koalafications. Cannabis and music will be discussed on this episode of Stingo and Kush. Meanwhile Stingo Da Dingo has just arrived back from a whole two torturous weeks of visiting his beloved Grandma. Grandma is no ordinary old lady though, no, she is a lady, so strong willed that even the most self proclaimed stoner would not dare to tell grandma Stingo that they were a cannabis connoisseur.

Oh no, no, no, Grandma would be throwing haymakers like its her shot at Anthony Mundine. There is no point trying to escape also, oh no, Grandma takes off like she just done a break and enter. Shoosh, smash and wack will be all you hear if you tell Grandma you smoke weed. So, you can feel for Stingo Da Dingo, he has just come back from a two weeks with Grandma, texted Kush Da Koala, hit the biggest bowl of Dizzy OG strain, then listened to Apple music’s top 10 songs of the last decade before asking Kush Da Koala this episode’s question of “Why do we love music when high on cannabis?” We join Stingo and Kush now in their stoner shed discussing today’s important question.

Stingo: “Yoo Kush, thanks for that sesh bro!” “My mind has been altered and I am feeling super lifted bro”. Stingo ushers with a grin on his face.

Stingo: “Yo Dr Kush, I have a question for you?” The confused Stingo glances at Kush and asks.

Kush: “hmmm, here we go again, what has your mind wandered off into the clouds and thought of this time?” The annoyed Kush replies with a tone of utter annoyance.

Stingo: “So you know I’m super baked right? And have been listening to all these beats right?” As Stingo shuffles through his phone looking for the next song to pay over his speakers.

Kush: “Aww no shit sherlock im doing the exact same thing you are” Kush looks at him with disgust while shaking his head in disappointment.

Stingo: “why is it we love music so much when we are baked off cannabis?” Stingo mutters as he continues to scroll through his phone for a song to play.

Kush: “Well young pup, if you pulled your head up out of the phone and listened for a moment I can explain to you why?” Kush states while staring at Stingo with dissbelief of the questions sheer intellectual capability.

Kush: “According to studies the main psychoactive compound of cannabis “THC “does some crazy stuff to the way we hear music. So basically it temporarily enhances our acoustic perception.” Kush nods as he tries to find his Dr uniform to put on for the inevitable speech Stingo just walked straight into.

Kush: “The slow mo feeling you have when you get high is one form of acoustic perception. Because we can hear every beat, break, tap and sound music makes enhanced, this ability creates a fucken awesome musical experience bro”. Kush finishes off saying after putting his jacket and glasses on.

Stingo: “So your saying that cannabis and music is like the flash trying to get to the toilet?” Stingo asks with a semi confused expression.

Kush: ” I do not know what the fuck you are on about”? “All I am saying is weed slows music down the tiniest bit but that little bit changes the way we hear the music all together”. Kush begins to raise his voice in sheer disbelief that Stingo does not understand.

Stingo: “Ahhh, yeah that makes sense I knew it all along..” “I don’t even know why I asked you this I already knew it” Stingo replies with his shoulders rolled back, chest puffed out, grin on his face in full confidence.

Kush: “No you didn’t Stingo you fucken moron.” Kush replies, fuming with anger and intense energy.

Stingo: “Dr Kush, just chill the fuck out, have a cone, kick back and listen to Dizzy Wright’s new song Popping Out“. Stingo says as he passes over the newly rolled joint from the sesh spot.

Cannabis and Music

Well there you go friends. The answer to the question “Why do we love music so much when we are high on cannabis” is because THC affects the way we understand and listen to music especially the timing element of music.

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