What’s on the pizza pt 2?

Welcome back to part 2 of Stingo and Kush: What’s on the pizza?
In the first instalment, Kush woke up from the sound of his alarm. As
Kush rolls over to turn his alarm clock off, he finds that last night’s
pizza has been intruded by all sorts of unknown, utterly disgusting
toppings that have been added to it. To make matters worse, the pizza
is now stuck to his hand-me-down hemp boxer shorts.

Kush in hysterics, begins to investigate what’s on the pizza. Kush
starts his hunt by checking his order on his phone and calling his best
mate Stingo Da Dingo, who was in his room last night located on the
university residence. Kush is waiting for Stingo to answer?
Now your all caught up, let’s get going to part 2 of What’s on the

Stingo Da Dingo still asleep, wakes up suddenly from the ringing noise
his phone is emitting. Stingo groans like his nan just asked him to take
out the trash, sits up and starts to pick his nose in the most casual of
ways. Meanwhile, Stingo is still searching for his phone in his scrunched up blankets.
After searching for a grueling, mind numbing, 30 seconds as well as picking the biggest
winner of a bogger, finally answers his phone “Yeah, what’s up bro?”

Kush replies “Bro, what the fuck is on the pizza we ordered from last night?” -in a
high pitched tone that Stingo instantly recognises as an opportunity to
fuck him up via a prank.
Stingo replies “Fuck off Kush, you know what’s on the pizza…?” Stingo
enhances his voice as he continues “I’m not coming over for Friday
Night Fried Food anymore after last night!”. Kush goes to reply but
without warning the phone cuts out. “Nooooooooo, fuck!” “My phone
died the stupid fucken thing”. Kush begins to yell at the top of his
voice waking up all his housemates in the building. As he slams his
phone down on his bed and starts searching for his phone charger in
anticipation of calling Stingo back, he begins to question himself.

What did I do last night? How much did I smoke? Did I put this
revolting toppings on our pizza and seriously what the fuck is on it?

A stressed out Kush, now too overwhelmed to continue searching for
his phone charger, sits down in his desk chair, throws his hands back
on his head and with no energy at all says “nah fuck this shit, I need a
joint”. Spinning side to side he takes out his Dizzy Wright pencil case
where he has stashed all of his weed smoking items. In the pencil case
you can see two lighters, scissors, a glass jar containing the finest weed
on campus, hemp rolling paper, hemp filters and a Kit-Kat bar.
Kush rolls up the biggest, fattiest, juiciest, slap ya mum in the face
joint. Kush sits back in his chair, lights up the joint, inhales then drifts
off. This weed has done something magical to Kush. With eyes so red
that dragon’s would be scared of him, Kush wonders off into his head,
day dreaming about last night.

Suddenly, flashbacks begin. The intensity Kush experiences are so vivid and clear. Kush
remembers arguing with Stingo, over which foods will increase their
high? Stingo yells at the top of his voice “Kush I am telling you man,
the best stuff to get you more baked is chocolate!” “I swear mums, I
heard it on a podcast once”. Kush replies quietly hoping Stingo will
calm the fuck down ”Stingo your seriously the most cooked cunt ever
aye!” Kush continues “Mango makes you more stoned bro!” “Research
indicates that mangos supercharge the THC receptors in our
cannabinoid system

Stingo burning on the inside turns to Kush and responds “Alright,
Alright big boy” “here we go again with your Kush Koalafications
“Lets just have a squiz at YouTube to find out aye” Kush nods in
agreement. The boys light up their bongs before adventuring out to get
their laptops.

With a fresh smell of lemon zest cannabis, reeking from their clothes,
the boys adventure out, into the main common room to find the laptop
& charger. Kush stops Stingo before they enter the main common
room. With a glance of his eyes and a whisper in the ear Kush says to
Stingo “I am more blazed then my home land after Christmas”. Stingo “oft bro” “Fuck scomo aye” “Scomo needs a cone”
trying to hold back his laughter in fear someone in the house will realise that they are there. Stingo without warning stops and turns to Kush with his finger placed
firmly upon his mouth “Shhh, we will get caught cunt”.

Stingo peaks his head around the wall of the common room to find
that no one is there. “Phew, the coast is clear”. “I’ll get the laptop and
you stay here on look-out”. Stingo tells Kush.
Kush feeling the effects of the recently enjoyed hit of his bong looks at
Stingo and just nods his head. Moments later Stingo returns with the
laptop and charger and the boys return to their room to YouTube
which food makes you more high?
Stingo opens the laptop to YouTube and types in ‘What food is good
for weed high?’ Kush laughs and says to Stingo “Bro give the laptop to
me you snoop dog wanna be mother fucker”. Kush types into YouTube
“Cannabis and food to get you higher”. Kush scrolls down the page
and clicks on the link to a video.

Meanwhile Stingo was on his phone ordering some pizza, since after
all it is Friday Night Fried Food. Where Stingo and Kush have a ritual
off getting super baked while watching the footy and eating the most
amazing food ever.
Stingo who did not watch or listen to the YouTube clip at all askes
Kush “You know what would be crazy bro?” “If we put new toppings
on our pizza to make us more baked” “What toppings do you reckon
we put on our pizza to make us more cooked?”.
Is that it? Has Kush finally found the moment in his memory about
last night for what’s on the pizza? Can Kush finally find out what
disgusting pizza toppings ruined his hemp boxer shorts? Subscribe to
find out on the Final Episode of What’s on the pizza?

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