What’s on the pizza Pt 3 the final chapter!

Welcome to the What’s on the pizza Pt 3-the final chapter. Thank you in advance for your support and love!

We last found our Kush reminiscing about last night’s events with Stingo da Dingo. You see Kush cannot figure out what was on the pizza, which unfortunately stuck  to his hemp boxer shorts leading to them becoming destroyed. Kush is super stressed. The memory loss and trashed hemp shorts is so devastating. Kush prides himself on being the smartest and eco-friendly stoner around. You could say it’s his internal identity. How he views himself as a being. At least that’s how Kush would liked to be seen as.

All of a sudden Kush might have a clue in this mystery. Kush can recall Stingo and himself searching for toppings to make the boys more baked. Pizza was on it’s way. The boys were preached up, medicated and ready to YouTube their way to success. Guess we must go join Kush back in his day dream to find out what’s on the pizza!

Stingo: “Kush bro this video say’s “easy way to get high?”” pleads with Kush to stop scrolling down the page and check out the video. Kush responds “Stingo, just let me choose yeah?”Kush too stoned to be able to hear what Stingo is saying properly. Stingo replies “This is why I ordered the pizza alone” Stingo is becoming more annoyed by Kush’s ignorance. Kush is showing no respect. Well that’s according to Stingo. Or so he thinks! Kush you see is so medicated right now he is simply too entranced by finding toppings to make the pizza more 420 friendly.

Kush has realised that Stingo is saying something to him, Kush knows he must do something if he ever wants to find a good video to watch. Kush stops scrolling down on the laptop, turns to Stingo smiling contemplating how amazing the pizza is going to taste. Kush ask’s Stingo “what pizza did you get bro anyways?” Stingo, overjoyed that Kush is now paying attention replies “Hawaiian, just like Scomo’s holiday when our country was on fire, um meat lovers and supreme”. Kush breaks out in a dynamic laughter. Kush replies “what did you put in the special order request? something imaginative I hope”. Stingo responds “Hit them up with a classic” “Asked them to write their best joke on the box”.

Kush replies “Some imagination that is Stingo”, in the most sarcastic of voices. Stingo laughs it off with a little chuckle while grabbing the bong for some medicating. Kush has found a video which looks good. Clicks to open it. The video shows two chefs baking a hemp pizza made with THC powder. That’s it! we have struck gold! Kush knows what he has to do now. He must use his magic butter to whip up some cannabis oil for the pizza. He has already got some Ananda hemp powder. Got chocolate in the fridge and mango in the fruit bowl.

That’s it! Kush has finally figured out what’s on the pizza. Kush, confused and curious by the thought of uncovering what was on the pizza, thinks he remembers the toppings but isn’t satisfied. His reminiscing has finally came to an end. Kush has nearly completed his mission now. Kush figures he better call Stingo to confirm his suspicions.

Kush calls Stingo on the phone “Stingo, do something extraordinary for once and confirm my theory?”  Stingo just on the verge of completing his medication responds; “Hmm, Okay Kush what do you think was on the pizza?” Stingo then mumbles under his breath “Sucker!! I am going to stitch him up here”. Kush can slightly hear Stingo saying something but can not make it out. Kush asks Stingo to repeat himself. Stingo avoids the question like he’s demonstrating social distancing.

Kush asks “was it homemade THC hemp powder, chocolate and mangoes on the pizza bro?”. Stingo in utter shock that Kush has discovered the pizza toppings replies “This is why medicating on weed is so good for you bro” “first you remembered what was on the pizza that ruined your shorts, the ruined shorts thing sucks but you will get over it” Stingo continues “secondly, you became way more creative and made the pizza not only come out baked but you baked us also!” “Finally, you ruined those hideous hand me down shorts and smoked all some dope medication, so how about I come over and we head out for more yeah?”. Kush replies to Stingo by saying “fuck yeah I knew it! Thanks for letting me know bro” “Okay bro head over now”.  Kush hangs up the phone glistening with a fresh outlook on life. Happy he has finally uncovered what’s on the pizza.

Keep it toasty

Thank you so much for reading the What’s on the Pizza series by Stingo and Kush. We appreciate the love and support. We challenge you to take charge and be the best you can be! And as always please like, comment, share and subscribe to Stingo and Kush right now below! Peace 420 blaze it!.

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