The High Club Conversations – Dr Weiss (Ep 2)

Welcome friends to this episode of The High Club Conversations – Episode 2. Hosted by Stingo Da Dingo. This episode we speak with a Clinical Psychologist from Miramar, Florida, United States of America named Dr Weiss. On this show we talk all things medical marijuana and health! Read more to find out.

Stingo: “Thank you so much for joining us in this time of epic chaos!” “We appreciate how important a role all health care professionals will play over this coming period.”

Dr Weiss: “Thank you so much for having me” “Yes these are unprecedented times that we must all be prepared for and play our part”.

Stingo: “Can you please tell everyone a bit about yourself?”

Dr Weiss: “Well I am a Licensed Clinical Psychologist from Florida, USA with over 30 years of experience in the field of psychology. In addition to the traditional modalities of treatment that I was taught in school, I have acquired a great deal of knowledge and skills in a wide variety of areas ranging from scientific to spiritual. Throughout my career I have worked in many different treatment settings (inpatient, outpatient, forensic inpatient, drug treatment centers, community mental health and so many more), this has given myself a strong foundation in practice”.

Dr Weiss

Stingo: “Wow that’s crazy so much experience and education!” “I bet Kush wishes he could be more like you”.

Stingo: “Do you have a particular approach to your treatments?”

Dr Weiss: “My approach to treating patients is holistic in nature. I work with the mind, body, and spirit. I touch on many areas of a person’s life instilling insight and promoting growth. I delicately learn about the person, identify, their needs and then I begin to teach. First comes the foundation of psychology to deal with the immediate complaints. Building insight and teaching coping strategies. Next comes self-care, both physical and spiritual. Then together we explore diet, activity, relaxation and stress management and any other area the person may need”.

Stingo “I need me some of this mind, body spirit approach too”.

Stingo: “So Dr Weiss, what is the difference between this approach and others?”

Dr Weiss: “Clinicians traditionally have only had the realm of psychiatric medication management to use as a medicinal treatment approach for psychological complaints. For several years now the state of Florida has allowed patients to access medical marijuana (MM). In addition, Floridians have seen the influx of cannabidiol (CBD) products during this period of time as well. Residents of this state now have the choice to use CBD and MM, but most do not know how to make it work for their problems. Patients complain that many recommending physicians solely give the access to the MM card, but either do not want to manage MM cases or do not possess the knowledge of how to effectively use these substances. Rather, those clinicians tend to rely on the staff at the dispensaries to educate the patients and answer questions about how to use the products for therapeutic effects, and the quality of dispensary staff training varies greatly.”

Stingo: “Don’t you hate that man, people profiting off the hard works of others”.

Stingo: “So Dr, it sounds like you know a lot about medical marijuana, could you tell us a bit about how you help using it?”

Dr Weiss: “To help my patients effectively use the products that they already had in their possession, I began to do my own research into MM and cannabinoids and take courses leading to a certification in Integrative Medicine. During this time I had accrued hundreds of patients that I consult with and advise on how to use their CBD and MM products. With my scientific background and training in cannabinoid medicine, I have been able to help my patients establish protocols for dosing and schedules, and identify delivery methods needed to achieve the maximum benefit from CBD and MM. In this way I, approximated the pharmaceutical approach of long acting and short acting medications.”

Stingo: “That is so cool!” “Knowing what you need and when to improve health is amazing!”

Stingo: “Kush tells me that he has been doing research into other plant based treatments, do you know much about that?”

Dr Weiss: “I am familiar with the use of Entheogenic Plants and Fungi as an adjunctive treatment for a variety of patient complaints as well. With more complicated cases I will explores plant based medicine in general, including the entourage effect and the importance of a terpene rich diet, and physical activities that enhance our endocannabinoid system. I emphasise when the patient is using MM for them to begin with micro doses and gradually taper up to the point of therapeutic effectiveness in an effort to minimize any psychoactive effects, or use ratio strategies of CBD:THC to accomplish the same. Treatment strategies are customized for each of my patients, and there are shared treatment goals of education for all of my patients.”

Stingo: “Finally I know someone smarter than Kush and his stupid Kush Koalafications!”

Stingo: “You are a legend Dr Lonny Weiss!” “Thank you for joining us at Stingo and Kush for The High Club Conversations.” “Remember to keep healing, stay safe and stay medicated from the team here at Stingo and Kush”.

Dr Weiss: “Thank you for having me guys” “Remember we can all do our part to help battle this virus, wash your hands, stay home and be safe”.

Stingo: “That’s spot on doctor!” “Thank you once again, everyone should go on to the Dr’s website, Instagram page and listen to his podcast for all things good in the world”.
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