Visit to Whizzer’s Room Pt 2

Welcome to another Short Story by the authors of Stingo and Kush. This episode we bring you the second scene from the visit to Whizzer’s house.

We last left Stingo and Kush creeping down the hallway into the dorm named Fire House where Lifted’s room is located. Stingo and Kush both live in the dorm up the hallway named Earth House. They quickly hurry and arrive there undetected.
“Oi Kush do you think it’s this door?” Stingo whispers into Kush’s left ear hoping to be quiet.
Kush confused at the utter nonsense he has just witnessed, replies “What, you mean the one with “Lifted’s Room” scratched on it?” “don’t quit your day job Stingo”. “The door’s unlocked bro, let’s just go in”.

Kush pauses before touching the door to open it. Stingo, paranoid security is following, requests Kush to open the door, pushing him on the back to hurry up. Stingo and Kush need to make it into the room without being spotted, their degree’s and livelihood depends on it.

Stingo says to Kush outside the door “let’s make sure we get what we came for and bounce bro”

“I do not want to risk it with this virus and the chance of being kicked out of school aye”

Kush replies “Yeah I hear you bro!”

“Don’t’ worry we will get a few ounces off Whizzer and get out of there yeah?”

Whizzer Da Wombat – Kinggoldleaf

Kush Continues

“You down or what?”

“Are you scared again Stingo, hmm that’s not who you are online”

“You all gangster an shit” Kush replies trying to hold back laughter

Stingo replies “Nah, I’m not scared”

“I’m a fucken monster”

“we got this bro”

“Let’s do it!!! Team S & K”

Kush answers Stingo

“What made you all Mike Tyson all of the sudden?”

Stingo counters Kush quickly with

“we have to medicate in a time of crisis”

“You know to get through it and all that”

“I need to sleep and without medication this shit is nuts” Stingo replies with a reasoning tone.

Kush answers in a co-ordinated manner to Stingo

“Hmm, Okay Stingo”

“Let’s just do this!”

Kush continues

“Don’t worry I will be here”

“No one will spot us with my brain’s and your ummmm.”

Stingo expressive with emotion responds to Kush’s comment

 “What is that supposed to mean Kush?”

Kush did not reply choosing to ignore Stingo’s plea for a response.

Stingo after successfully attempting to get over to Lifted’s room, opens the door. Stingo and Kush dash into the room in a frenzy.

“Okay we are in” Kush whispers.

“Hot box it as fast as we can Stingo!”

Stingo looks at Kush before replying

“the plan is to tickle lifted not hot box his room?

Kush in utter shock responds


“That is the whole plan.”

“Hot box the room, wake lifted up, lifted calls the security and we sneak to Whizzer’s room”.

 Stingo impatient, removes the feather he maintained in his shorts until he got to Lifted’s room.

“c’mon Kush lets get Lifted now before we get caught!”

Kush who mistook Stingo’s words started to light up the joint.

Stingo continues

“we will get Lifted on his big toe’s”

“no one can handle a big toe flick and trick” Stingo emphasizes with a giggle.

Kush replies jumbled trying to understand what the flick and trick is.

“Okay bruz if you are sure…”

“Do you have the feather orrrrr?!”

“What are we doing here?”

Stingo responds with a confident manner.

“Yeah brother I got this, it’s in my undies”

Stingo removes the 20cm white oversized cockatoo feather from his undies.

Kush freaked out about how Stingo managed to pull this giant feather from his undies replies

“Okay I guess I will just go with this….

what do you have?”

Stingo continues preserving his confidence

“Well, I know where to get him”

“I know me a Lifted Da Lion weak spot”

Kush replies in a whisper, worried Lifted will awake suddenly ruining all their plans.  

“How da fuck do you know that Stingo”

Stingo replies with a deeper voice

“Me and Lifted play Mario cart every Tuesday online!”

“6 rounds a go”

“Hours of game play, I know Lifted like he knows Luigi! “

Kush replies bothered that Stingo may be misleading him, leading to the plan falling behind at the waste side.

Kush continues

“Hold it!!!!”

“We haven’t finished hot boxing the room yet”

“Hold the feather while I light this up will ya?”

Stingo unresponsive from all the plea’s for him to halt, commences tickling the feather on Lifted da Lion.

Lifted rolls over abruptly, growling as if he had woken up.

Kush shocked, quickly jumps behind the cupboard door scared he may be spotted. Stingo idiotically persists with smoking the joint Kush so humbly made for the plan. Stingo grasps his hand over to Kush. Kush bewildered with what will happen next if Lifted wakes up and spots both Stingo and Kush in his room freezes.

Frozen like a statue, Kush cannot move at all. Frozen, stiff, unresponsive. What is Kush going to do now if Lifted wakes up?

Stingo draws near. Trying to maintain his inner peace. Stingo probes Kush further to investigate the deep freeze that Kush is in.

“Kush, Kush, Okay bro no need to fuck around yeah?”

“we have to hot box the room and get out of here”

“it’s all part of your plan to get us to whizzer’s room!”

“Please Kush wake da fuck up before I bitch slap ya!”

“Okay know I didn’t wanna do this”

BAM, BAM, BAM, Stingo slaps Kush right, left right!.

Nope not even the three slaps from hell could trigger Kush to wake up?

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