Mindfulness and Medication

Kush Koalafications Featuring Prof. D! This episode in on Mindfulness and Medication.

It’s day 18 on lockdown and everyone is going insane in their dorm rooms at UHA. The world is in lockdown from a lethal pathogen from an unknown origin. Stingo and Kush have a conspiracy theory that the virus was released by the Nongs (“the secret conspired group trying to stop the legalisation of cannabis worldwide”).

The days are turning into nights, turning back into days, the loop is continuous and there seems to be no end in sight. Stingo and Kush are unaware as to when one day stops an another one starts. It’s all just becoming ONE BIG DAY! Kush is starting to freak out. He is losing his identity, his schedule is lost, well, nothing just seems to be the same anymore.

Kush Da Koala with his trusted plant base medication

Kush is so bored and unsure of what to do that everyone in his mind in falling apart. See, usually Kush would be seen in the library at UHA reading up on some of the best plant textbooks or falling asleep on the couch in the common room, too baked trying to watch live sport.

Live sports are dead all around the world, so damn there goes that idea. Umm the University said it was all virtual now, so that rules out going to the library as it is going to be closed. Okay I’ll go outside and sit in a tree, maybe do some exercise? Let’s just take a quick look outside from the window. Fuck! Of course, it must be raining.

Hmm, Netflix and YouTube. That’s it, I will catch up on all the content I have desperately been wanting to watch. Okay, all I need to do is find my laptop, take a seat down, light up a joint and relax. Nope that’s right Kush you can’t do that either, Stingo has your laptop and is asleep in his room. I could try to get over to his room. Nope won’t work, security is roaming the halls again!

Damn nothing is working, I am going insane! Okay Kush calm down everything is going to be alright. Remember what Prof. D said in his lecture today about mindfulness and medication. There seems to be nothing left, might as well give mindfulness and medication a go?  

I’ll call Prof. D, get those first-hand tips on medication and mindfulness. Prof. D is some sort of fire blasting monk dragon. Who knows where he came from but somehow this puffing dragon got that Bill Gates and Gandhi type of knowledge? Okay I’ll call him now and see what he has got to say. Kush dials out to Prof. D…

Prof. D hears his phone ring in his jacket pocket. Buzz, buzz. OH, shit it is Kush! I’ve been rolling all day like a sushi shop. How do I handle this? You are the infamous Prof. D! Do not get lazy on our students let’s set an example. Okay I better answer….

“Kush how can I help you young bear?”

Kush sweating in an anxious state replies,

“Prof. D, you were mentioning medication and mindfulness recently?”

“Could you tell me a bit more about that?”

Prof. D intrigued by Kush’s question replies,

“Sure, more than happy to help, what did you wanna know about?”

Kush scratching his head in disbelief of his situation,

“I am going out of my mind!”.

 “lockdown is driving me crazy, I need some help?”

“Could you please tell me how I can use mindfulness and medication to get through this crisis?”

Prof. D scuffles through his desk trying to find his notes from the earlier online lecture, responds;

“Of course, I can.” Rushing to answer Kush’s question.

“let’s first take a look at medication and the type of medication which is useful for this exercise.”

“I recommend a hybrid strain, preferably stevia dominated, this is for its ability to relax the ego and allow your inner self to be open to the sensors around you.”

Kush scrunches up his nose, thinking to himself that he must reject this witchcraft.

“Let me stop you there Professor.”

“I am calling for mindfulness, not a witch doctor ceremony?”

Prof. D blasts into a hysterical laughter, 

The Infamous Prof. D

“Kush my young bear apprentice, please wait and listen to the whole process before you pass it off as witch doctor techniques”.

“No spells are being cast here today or any other day!”

Kush humbled by the professor’s words responds in a lowered tone,  

“okay, okay, I will give you the benefit of the doubt”

“what do I need to know next professor?”

Prof. D, now relaxed by Kush’s reply eases his tone, gives himself the breath he needs to explain to Kush,

“This is your first lesson Kush”

“You must become mindful to be able to practice mindfulness”

Kush, embarrassed because he hasn’t the furthest clue about mindfulness answers,

“Hmm without trying to sound stupid, what is being mindful?”

Prof. D answers with a tone of enthusiasm,

“To be mindful is to be aware of your thoughts and actions, in the present without judging yourself!”

“To be mindful, you must know the mind, train the mind and free the mind!”

“To do this you will need to let go of all ideas, people, possessions, judgements and self-desire images from the past and future”

“Be here, in the present, let go of all else!”

Kush understandably confused with the riff wrath that Prof. D is flinging off left right and centre,

“hmm, professor you are going to have to tell me step by step how to do this yeah?”

Prof. D answers in a flurry of enthusiam.

“There are a few basic steps to our mindfulness approach”

 “are you ready to take the plunge to uncover your into your inner self?”

Kush reminiscing on his childhood replies moments later,

“okay I am ready, Mr Miyagi teach me your ways, old sensei sir!”

Bowing his head even though Prof. D can not see over the phone,

Prof. D responds in a tone trying not to be offended by Kush’s comment, considering he had spent all morning teaching these exact methods in the virtual lecture,

“okay Step 1 is pretty easy

“let’s find a nice and quiet spot to sit with your head, neck and back up straight”

 “don’t be stiffy like Vladimir Putin though”

Prof. D continues…

 “now it is time to focus on the now, the present”

“letting go of the past and future and tuning into the now”

Kush takes a seat down on his floor trying to be Zen, takes in a deep breath then answers 

“The now, the present, the Zen”

“Okay, I can do this, focus on what is going on around me!”

“Hmm, what is that smell?”

Prof. D replies misguided by what he just heard

“That is just my weed Kush, I just lit it!”

Kush stunned at Prof. D’s response replies,  

“did you just say your weed professor?”

Prof. D flushed by the unexpected response by Kush, replies in a lower tone.

“Fuck, Fuck!”

 “Don’t worry”

“No Kush, just try and be here in the here and now!”

Prof. D continues

“Okay now you have found somewhere to sit and be quiet”

“all focused on the now”

 “that is step one and two”

“moving onto step three now then yeah?”

Kush is in a chaotic mindset, placing him in an unsure way, not knowing how to be in the present. Contemplating all the past, scared of the future, stutters while trying to reply

“umm, umm, umm,”

“Prof. D please what is next?”

 “I still do not know how to be with the present”

Prof. D replies

“we can not skip any step Kush”

“just sit and listen to yourself breathe”

 “Focus on the air moving in and out of your lungs”

“Feel your belly rise and fall”

Kush getting into the Zen space, can feel as the breath moves in and out of his body, watching, noticing when his belly rises and falls like building up a balloon and letting it go.  

Prof. D continues his advice to Kush on mindfulness and medication

“If your mind wonders, and it will”

“Just observe where it went”

“do not judge where or why it went there”

“Just simply return to your breathing and focus on that”

After transcending into a phase, focusing fully on his own breathing for a few minutes, awaiting further instruction from Prof. D, Kush notices that Prof. D’s breathing has become drawn out and inflamed…

 “Professor are you okay sir?” Kush asks worried that something may have happened to the professor.

“Hmm, yes, yes do not worry” Prof. D replies, suddenly awoken from his momentary nap.

“Phew, well I have been focusing on my breathing for ages and nothing from you Doc…”

“you went quieter than our government about the pandemic testing protocols” remarks Kush with his usual witty humour.

Prof. D replies shook at Kush’s last statement..

“well what do you feel like doing?”

“My mind is clear, and I am ready for what’s next” Kush responds, unsure on what is next in the whole process.

Prof. D replies using the wisdom of Solomon and the spirit of Bob Marley;

“blazing one, being creative and touching base with what is important?”

Kush stunned and amazed at what he just heard exclaims;

“Yes Prof. D!”

“I am going to blaze one, call my family, learn something new and do something creative”

Kush noticing this new relaxed feeling states;

“Wait, I am confused on what just happened?”

Prof. D replies to Kush to uncover the truth

Mindfulness and Medication

“what do you mean you’re confused on what just happened?”

Kush liberated from the meditation/medication ritual responds

 “well before I was in crisis mode”

“my whole world was crumbling, falling apart, destroyed!”

“well now I feel inspired and in touch with myself again”

“what happened?”

Prof. D, smiling like he just found out his COVID-19 test was negative replies;

“Kush, you just found a moment in time to reflect, open the ego, and become you”

“experience that moment, re-live it, be inspired by it and continue to do it”

“No matter what, we can get through this, each and every one of us!”

Kush blown away by this wizardry responds,


“thank you, Prof. D,”

“I have got to go now and do those things we talked about”

“once again thank you and remember always medicate and meditate!”

Prof. D almost insulted by the advice he was just given replies;

 “Just keep on preaching to the choir Kush”

 “keep on preaching bear.”

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