Visit to Whizzer’s Room Pt 3 – The Final Chapter

Thank you for tuning into the series of Whizzer’s room pt 3 – the final chapter! This is the final episode of Visit to whizzer’s room! .

Last time we left our heroes Stingo and Kush, they were in Lifted Da Lion’s room scared, because Lifted had just rolled over abruptly, growling as if he had woken up. Kush shocked, quickly jumps behind the cupboard door scared he may be spotted. Stingo idiotically persists with smoking the joint Kush so humbly made for the plan around five minutes earlier. Stingo reaches over to Kush. Kush is frozen absolutely bewildered with what will happen next if Lifted wakes up and spots both Stingo and Kush in his room.

Stingo pleads to Kush to wake up in a vicious fashion,

“Please Kush wake da fuck up before I bitch slap ya!”

“Okay, please know I did not want to have to do this”


Stingo slaps Kush, right, left right! Nope, not even the three slaps from hell could trigger Kush to wake up. What is Stingo going to do now? Stingo is more anxiety driven than the head office of FIFA, however he has a last ditch idea to save the day! Stingo grabs Kush’s ear and says,

Kush Da Koala

“Okay Kush, you will hate me for saying this!”

“But, there’s Budz quick, she is with another boy!”

Kush jumps like Steph Curry going for a three, stuttled, unaware of his surroundings before suddenly snapping back. Confused and dazzled Kush ask’s Stingo

“Umm, what just happened?”

Stingo Da Dingo under intense gut wrenching pressure replies,

“You went all snow crab”

“rougher than sandpaper”

“like nothing in there, all gone, I did not know what to do?”

Kush, now more confused than the weedman after you give him an extra tenner, reponds,

“why does my jaw hurt?”

“And, why do I think I remember you saying that Budz was with another boy?”

Stingo is super nervous, fidgety, jumbles his words in his reply

“umh, wellllllllllll”

“You seeeeeeeee”

“Don’t worry about it let’s just hot box the room and get to Whizzer’s

Stingo and Kush agree to discard the scene that just occured and focus on the plan ahead. Kush takes the joint off Stingo and lights it up in anticipation of hox boxing Lifted da Lion’s room. Two minutes and a joint Whiz Khalifa would be proud of later, and the boys now face an unexpected challenge. Stingo and Kush are too stoned to remember what the heck they were supposed to be doing. Stingo pleads to Kush,

“So, now what do we do?”

Kush stunned like a mullet out of water mumbles in his reply,

“just get out of here”

“yeah, nooooooooo”

“wait, we need to tickle and wake up Lifted?”

Stingo takes a moment to ponder on his thoughts before replying,

Stingo Da Dingo

“Fuck! yeah that’s right I need to give him the flick and trick”

“then we will scramble to Whizzers!”

Stingo and Kush both now on the horses back, quickly move into position to wake Lifted up. They must run for Whizzer’s room like they’re playing sonic the hedgehog otherwise they will be caught by security.

Stingo waits at the end of the bed where Lifted da Lion is sleeping, whereas Kush is waiting next to the door with his hand on the knob ready to shoot off. Stingo quietly asks Kush ready to execute the plan,

“you ready?”

“1, 2, 3!”

“Flick and Trick!”

Lifted springs awake like he just heard an overloud speaker shout out that it’s 420! Kush opens the door, running faster than Usain Bolt trying out for professional football, Stingo behind him like China is behind the coronavirus. The boys escape and hide behind the pot plant in the hallway across from Lifted’s room.

The suspecting, cowardly, heart stricken Lifted Da Lion calls security following UHA policy about unsolicited hot boxes. Security immediately responds appears at the room within seconds. Kush and Stingo now have their chance to make a break for it! Kush goes to Stingo:

“okay let’s make a break for it”

“straight down the hallway while they’re all distracted”

“Whizzer’s room is the third on the left”

Stingo spring locks and fires before Kush can even notice, leaving Kush to trawl behind like a lure on a boat. Phew, finally the boys have made it to Whizzer’s room without being spotted. Stingo more quiet than a dingo stealing a baby from ya tent knocks frantically,

Kush doing mindfulness and medication

“Whizzer, Whizzer, Whizzer!”

“It’s Stingo and Kush”

“let us in bro we need to get on!?”

Whizzer opens the door and Stingo and Kush rush inside before being seen. Whizzer unfazed by what he just endured turns to the boys and says,

“Why did you knock on my door like madmen?”

Stingo and Kush frantically trying to respond over the top of one another reply in harmony,

“We need to get medicated!”

“so we snuck past security by hot boxing Lifted’s room”

“fuck, stop trying to copy me!”

Stingo and Kush glare in each other eyes before turning their attention to Whizzer who did not care for their theatrics and began weighing up the ounce the boys came to get in the first place. Whizzer turns to Stingo and Kush slowly scratching his head and asks…

“So, I am guessing you did not get the flyer about my high way express then?”

“I built a tunnel from the common room to my dorm”

Whizzer throws the Dizzy Wright blanket covering the entrance to his burrow, located just to the right of his dorm door. Stingo and Kush throw their paws up like their team just lost the superbowl!

“Mann!!! Fuck!”

“okay peace and good vibes bro”

“next time you feel me”

“keep it 100!”

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