Budz Da Bunny First Day at UHA! Pt1

The Morning Of Budz’ first day

Daylight broke as it would any other day, however for one Budz Bunny today was no ordinary day. No, this day was in fact the most important day in her short life so far, as you see Budz was the only Canberran to be selected by recommendation to attend the inaugural UHA cohort. UHA was so selective in fact that only 8 students were selected from around the whole world! What’s even more remarkable is knowing UHA is in Canberra, Budz’ hometown where she grew up, giving her an added advantage come graduation!

Alarms begin chirping louder than the local rooster, you can hear shuffling of feet gradually getting louder and louder, Budz springs out of bed like she is on a mission.

Budz Da Bunny

                “Okay you can do this!”

Budz shouts out loud enough that her parents can hear her.

                “Shut up ya rabid rabbit”

Budz can hear her non supporting, overly self-obsessed parents reply. Budz shakes it off she can’t let her parents hold her back anymore! After all she was recommended to UHA by the Headmaster, Prof. D. If that’s not enough she gets to finally move out of home and be free for once in her life!

                “Just shake it off Budz”

                “Today is the day”

                “I am finally becoming a cannabis specialist RN”


Budz has let the negative comments creep into her thoughts. You could cut the tension with a knife it was that visible, doubting herself she rolls over in her bed to grab her phone from the bedside table.

                “Okay quick scroll through my notifications and social media”

                “then ill get up and ready to leave”

                “Phew, lucky I packed my bags over the weekend”

45 minutes pass without Budz realising, leaving her less than 1 hour to get up and have a shower, do her make up the lot. She was only supposed to take a few minutes on her phone before getting up and ready.

                “Oh, my…”

                “I am screwed!”

                “Quick I need to get a move on”

Budz attempts to get ready but her conniving step dad decided to get up 4 hours earlier than usual to use the only bathroom in the whole house. Budz knocks on the door.

                “excuse me I need the bathroom!”

                “I leave for UHA today!”

                “I am going to be late!”

Budz is frantically bashing on the bathroom door trying to get his attention. A flash of light appears and Budz is flung over like she’s just taken a beating by Jackie Chan, the door is open and standing there in a towel is her evil, obese, smell like your grog bog, kick of the mill loser step dad

                “Shut the fuck up knocking on the door”

                “can’t you see I am in here”

Budz tries to reply but is only stopped every time she opens her mouth

                “But, But….”

Her devil for a stepdad replies

                “Thank fuck you are out today”

                “Been telling your mother for years you’re nothing but a troublemaker”

                “we can’t wait until you fuck off to ya prestigious harry potter wannabe school”

Budz trying to withhold her tears, postures up and let’s rip all the truth bombs

                “First of all, you’re a fat fuck using piece of shit, whom I never liked”

                “secondly you are just jealous because you will never amount to anything”

                “Finally, Mum stop being used by this fool and leave him” she shouts down the hallway.

Budz grabs the door slamming it shut as she stormed off back to her room. She quickly grabs her gym key and rushes out the door like she’s just done a break and enter. Budz arrives at the gym two minutes later and rushes in with her bag of clothes to have a shower. Frantically rushing like a mad woman, she quickly showers and throws a face of makeup on and runs back to her house to grab her perfectly packed and organised belongings. Her parents could drive her but decide that it’s far more important to sit around all day bagging out people on Facebook.

Budz arrives home to find her bags are out the front door.

                “phewwf!, at least they did one good thing for me before I leave for a few months”

                “wait what is on top of the bags?”

Budz walks over to pick up her bag and grabs a piece of paper which is left on top of all of her stuff. The note read:

                “Budz, do not come back, you fucken maggot of a rabbit. We have decided that you no longer live here, and we will not support you in any way moving forward. Thank fuck you are gone.”

Budz burst into tears, gripping her head shaking in frustration and sadness. How could, on the most exciting day of her short life, things go so terribly wrong? On top of that profound soul -shattering experience, Budz has a big secret. Prof. D told her in confidence, that all of her new classmates and teachers are cannabis users. You see Budz is secretly a virgin to cannabis usage. The only reason she even considered attending UHA in the first place was due to her innate ambition to help others, mixed with a spontaneous meeting with the infamous fire-breathing headmaster Prof D, he thought she would be perfect for the specialist registered nurse cannabis position at UHA.


                “I am already freaking out about being the only non-cannabis user at UHA”

                “But to be homeless and jobless also”


Budz unleashes a yell loud enough to be heard from the surrounding suburbs. What is she to do now? How does a non-cannabis user thrive in a cannabis driven environment? Can she overcome her challenges and how will this change her? This, plus so much more coming in part 2!

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