Are you consuming cannabis right? Kush Koalafications.

Welcome to another episode of Kush Koalafications. Today Kush will be answering all those slow burning questions surrounding your consumption of cannabis. Do you ever think to yourself that maybe, just maybe, you are not consuming cannabis right? Is there a right way to do it? Is all we have been told been a lie?

Kush is joined today by Budz Bunny to answer all of those questions and more using the most up to date research available world wide. Let’s get into it!

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Kush: Budz welcome back to Kush Koalafications were we use research evidence to educate the every day cannabis user.
Budz: Thanks for having me back. This is my favorite segment. I heard that you have questions about if you are consuming cannabis right?
Kush: Yes that’s right! I heard recently that there is new research surrounding cannabis consumption? Something along the lines of getting more high?
Budz: You heard correctly! Our academic colleagues published new findings in the JAMA Psychiatry journal outlining how higher levels of THC affects the consumer.
Kush: More THC the better aye Budz?
Budz: That’s what we use to think, however, that may not be so. More THC does not mean more high!
Kush: What do you mean? Like come on, of course more THC means more high!
Budz: Kush let me explain what I mean. The researchers set up an experiment where they measured THC levels in the blood before, straight after and 1 hour later of cannabis consumption. The findings they discovered showed that having higher levels of THC levels in the blood did not get the person more “high”.
Kush: How does that happen? I swear if I have high level THC concentrates I get way more baked. I turn into a Sunday night roast.
Budz: That may be the case hours later after you have consumed the high levels of THC but not initially. The research findings come to the conclusion that we have a max amount of THC our cannabis receptors in the central nervous system can take.
Kush: Budz can you explain to me what that means?
Budz: Sure! In our central nervous system our body has cannabis receptors which when you consume cannabis grabs hold of the THC which leads to you feeling “High”.
Kush: So we are made of cannabis, that is super cool! Wouldn’t that mean more THC more stoned? Like alcohol where if I drink more beers I get more drunk?
Budz: That’s what we use to think but not anymore. The research indicates that our cannabis receptors are more like a cars fuel tank. Once it is full, adding more won’t do you any good.
Kush: Dam! Mind is blown. I have been consuming cannabis wrong this whole time! What does this mean for the every day smoker?
Budz: It means that you should experiment with different strains or amounts until you uncover the correct amount of THC your body needs to make you high then stop smoking, eating, drinking or any other way of consuming it until after 1 hour. After 1 hour the affects of cannabis begin to decrease, allowing for the THC receptors to be re-fueled again.
Kush: Well there you have it, I have been consuming cannabis wrong. Thank you so much Budz! I will be experimenting to find my sweet spot now. Once again thank you reader for tuning in to another episode of Kush Koalafications.

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