Do Australian’s love or hate cannabis? Kush Koalafications

Do Australian’s love or hate cannabis use? Why does it always seem to be another reason that cannabis has not become accepted? Welcome back to another installment of Kush Koalafications. This episode we are joined by Munchies Da Monkey, a world wide cannabis researcher. Munchies will provide some key insights into what is really going on behind the scenes for Australian cannabis market.

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Munchies Da Monkey

Kush: That sounds pretty low overall. How many people would that be roughly?

Munchies: Following the numbers given by Prohibition Partners , it would indicate that 37,800 people in the country are using the legal methods of collecting cannabis. That is tiny compared to the 1.5 million annually who consume cannabis.

Kush: Geeze, that is crazy! So you are telling me that we have a large group of Australian’s who love and consume cannabis on the daily?

Munchies: That is correct Kush! New research measuring the THC content in our sewage water displays that during the pandemic the love of cannabis grew also! It seems to be that, during this difficult life changing moment in time, cannabis has been the go to plant for dealing with the crisis.

Cannabis Use Australia

Kush: Power to the people aye Munchies! What does the research say for where and how much people are using cannabis?

Munchies: It indicates that regional areas such as the Hunter Valley and Tasmania, people are consuming upward from 3 grams to 10 grams of THC per day per 1000 people. What I find alarming is that in Cities like Sydney people are lowering there cannabis intake but increasing in hard drugs like Cocaine and Meth.

Kush: Yikes! Them city slickers need a cone not a coffin. When will some people learn!
Munchies, this confuses me, if such a large group of our citizens consume cannabis daily and there is a legal market for it which includes legal suppliers why in your opinion does cannabis continue to stay taboo?

Munchies: Education! When our team does research with individuals who fit into the age bracket of 30 years and above, the opinion seems to switch. It is my belief that they are all biased to loss aversion.

Kush: What do you mean by that?

Munchies: Basically, since cannabis is still illegal on a recreational level, it will never fully gain total market acceptance across the population. This is because older people become more risk adverse leading to them not wanting to participate in the conversation of the benefits cannabis can bring. They are this way because, in their eyes, aligning with cannabis has the potential to lead to legal proceedings. Since legal proceedings can lead to loss of assets,friends,family, reputation and so forth the risk is way to high for them to participate.

Kush: Damn! The knowledge is powerful. If only the older generation could see the real benefits it would bring to them, then maybe their perception may change?

Munchies: We can only hope! Until then it’s crucial to continue to use research backed by evidence to help them understand. We must not blame them, after all, they were subject to years of false advertising and misleading information.

Kush: Thank you so much for joining us for this episode of Kush Koalafications. Thank you Munchies for teaching us if Australian’s love or hate cannabis! To learn more, remember to subscribe below and stay tuned for our upcoming animation series where we educate the masses through entertaining and evidence backed content!

Cannabis and Health

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