The High Club Conversations: Monkey Nugs!

Hold up are you for real? Monkey Nugs is in the house to join Stingo Da Dingo for another heartwarming, mind tingling, emotionally driven interview for The High Club Conversations (THCC).

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Stingo: Monkey Nugs welcome and thank you for joining me to share your story.

Monkey Nugs: Thank you for having me on THCC Stingo! I look forward to sharing my story and hopefully shaping the minds of others in this space.

The real Monkey Nugs swinging around

Stingo: You have a pretty incredible story to share. Do you mind by sharing a bit about yourself?

Monkey Nugs: I’m nothing more than a Human sharing the love of cannabis with my trouble making sock Monkey Nugs, whom I met back in March of 2012 in NY. The Poor thing was hanging out on the streets.  

Stingo: The streets of NY are no place for a monkey to be hanging around. What made you pick him up?

Plantation with Monkey Nugs

Monkey Nugs: To be honest it was one of the many things we had in common.  As a big part of my life was changing, my oldest daughter gave me Monkey Nugs as a travel companion. See, I’ve always struggled fitting in and interacting with people so Monkey Nugs went with me to help out.  We needed a fresh start, which lead us to travelling around NY, TN, KY, FL, and MO trying to change the mindset of cannabis. Moving between jobs in the medical and aerospace field we decided to settle down in MO in the year 2016.  It was only a matter of time before cannabis would be legal there so it made perfect sense. The next few years were spent networking and studying everything about cannabis. This lead to a group of 5 unique individuals who partnered up for a dispensary, extracts, and cultivation licensing. With out of pocket funding and working around the clock we constructed 12 caregiver grow rooms, fully working extracts lab with walk in freezer and dispensary storefront. As a Caregiver in MO you can grow for 3 patients allowing 18 plants in flowering at a time. In doing so I fell in love with growing and teaching others what I have learned. 

 Stingo: Wow that is incredible, truly mind blowing. It sounds to me like Monkey Nugs has been a big driving force behind your passion and goals. So tell me how does what you are doing fit in with the cannabis industry as a whole?

Little Sprouting

Monkey Nugs: Monkey Nugs is all about helping people that can’t afford doctors certification fees / MMJ application fees. By providing start up equipment and plants from growers to patients,  or as simple as helping out growers in need that we have seen sacrifice so much of their own time to help others. I have always believed that those who can help should help. This is our way to give back. 

Stingo: Helping others is the fundamental principle of a collective good. All this work must of had some set backs. Can you tell us about them?

Monkey Nugs Crew

Monkey Nugs: The losses have taken a massive toll. After losing 3 lifetime’s worth of money, I decided to pack up all of my grow SOP and share the knowledge with new growers. It started with 5 mothers that was able to average 220-300 clones per plant.  Now we hunt easy to cultivate plants that have higher resistance to issues new growers face. We donate cuttings to patients in need and help with funding for supplies when medical expenses are too high.  Some patients suffer from immunity deficiency so having a strong genetic base is very important in cultivating health plants! We network with grow shops to find patients that can’t afford the initial start up cost due to medical expenses. 100% of clone donations go to helping those special people out.  In doing so it creates a huge network of real cannabis knowledge that patients can learn from and become successful at growing their own medicine. This allows new growers to skip all of the bad bro-knowledge and irresponsible advertising of shady companies.

Stingo: What I find amazing is even after losing so many resources you still continue to help others where it matters most. In the theme of helping others, this year has seen COVID-19 place everything on hold. Has that been the case with you?

Monkey Nugs Grow Facility

Monkey Nugs: Unfortunately the State lock downs have slowed down MO Cannabis. The industry was poised to begin this year (2020), however, most of what people need to build the grow sites/ dispensary/ extract facilities are now closed or limited. The first cultivation site was cleared to grow in June so we still have a long way to go.  Companies will have slow start to get harvest cycles started.  
As far as Monkey Nugs goes, we quarantine all plants that are donated or home grown for a minimum of 2 weeks using natural remedies for pest prevention / fungal treatment before ever presenting them to patients. On another note, Covid had put a stop to the first of our bong race competitions. Including our main event called the Fastest Gram. Each contestant will start with a 1 gram nug, competition bong, 2 Bic lighters and a timer. When the time starts, the competitor will break down the nug and smoke it. The fastest time wins and everyone keeps the souvenir bongs. There are group competitions and 3 different levels for shops to compete at dab off challenges for notoriety. 

Stingo: Geeze COVID why did you have to go and ruin all the fun for aye! What do you see the cannabis industry looking like in the future?

Monkey Nugs Logo

Monkey Nugs: A roller coaster ride. The industry is up and down and constantly under attack. In every state, cannabis activists fight for legalization, only for big pharma and government fat cats to buy out the majority of licences. Just this year companies like Altria (Marlboro cigarettes) purchased 45% stake in Cronos leaving only 6% for a full take over. Soon the Cannabis industry will be out of the people’s hands unless we learn to grow with great community help. 

Stingo: Let’s pray it does not get to that stage. Being Australian and seeing one of our companies (Cronos) begin purchased by a tobacco company makes me cringe. Finally to wrap up is there anything else you would like to add?

Team Monkey Nugs

Monkey Nugs: I would like to give a shout out to Kloneman Nursery for always having my back and supporting me 100%. He personally donated around 50 cuttings from 10 different genetics. Making it possible to help a Lupus patient start his grow, and even helping a fellow grower with moving expenses, you will always be family.
Mad World Edibles, thanks for helping us reach patients that can’t smoke and soothing their pains with beautiful edible art! You helped a vet with both knee and shoulder replacements deal with the pains of physical therapy in KY and reached patients down in Poplar Bluff MO. Keep doing what you do and thanks for working with us when we first started. 

Stingo: Monkey Nugs this has been my absolute pleasure sharing your story. Keep doing what you are doing and remember to all our beloved followers please subscribe and keep posted for the upcoming Stingo and Kush show.

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