Meet Our Characters – Kush Da Koala

Kush Da Koala

Kush is a mass of mysterious contradictions for the others. He’s fiercely witty although he does take his time to come up with chair jumping responses. When Kush spots a weakness, he can’t help making fun of it. But making fun of him, is a big no, no. Oh, and it’s worth mentioning that Budz has caught his eye, making him hopeless whenever she is around. In class though, Kush is a genius who makes a point in displaying his superior intellect whenever he gets a moment to do so. Being Stingo’s best friend helps Kush grow as a person, Kush rubs off on Stingo for being so smart and patient where Stingo is brash, displaying his go getter behaviour every moment he gets.

UHA is going to test Kush in ways he never imagined. For the first time since he was little, Kush will be faced with uncertainty when his superior intellect skills fail to make up for his lack of people skills. Dealing with colleagues, campus staff and others throughout his adventures is going to drive him insane — they’re so…human. Oh, and don’t forget the PTSD that is crippling Kush, that when he is triggered will also be put to the test. Stingo will be key for overcoming his own ego that is stopping him from fully embracing his condition, making it his own in the process.

Confident to a fault, he’s going to begin to be challenged when he is faced with complex issues that don’t have clear solutions. His ambition to become a legendary stoner horticulturalist will take many turns when he discovers that there is so much, he does not know… Add in those feelings for Budz coming to a grinding halt when he accidentally discovers Budz’s deep dark secret.

HEY! Don’t worry — he’ll recover we hope…. But not until after he’s suffered the most morally conflicting decision of his life, that comes with being torn between the two loves of his life. There’s something pretty depressing about knowing your life’s mission and life’s greatest love have conflict…

Who will Kush turn to in his moment of weakness? His best friend, his mentor, or his lover who doesn’t love him back just yet?..

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