Meet The Characters – Lifted Da Lion

Lifted Da Lion

Poor Lifted. He’s the well-meaning guy who always manages to do and say the exact wrong thing at the wrong time. He has no idea how he can calm the beast inside and no idea how to redeem himself when the beast emerges. But he’s trying like hell to keep his head above water.

Lifted lives his life on a quote “a puff a day, keeps the beast away” – and in the process, continually questions his skills and his choice of Sports Science as a career. When things go wrong, moments of weakness, Lifted reverts back into the king of the jungle. Lifted is forced to run the sports classes long before his time. And he surprises himself and the other students by succeeding. He’s on the path to discovering that he’s better than he ever dreamed and that his double persona is a gift, not a curse.

Lifted is confident in his social skills, becoming the school’s most popular student without much effort on his behalf. Although his popularity gives him immunity when he has his “moments” he forever tries to work up the courage to get Prof.D and Madam Lucid to assist him with better coping strategies. A move he never seems to be able to accomplish, the right opportunity just never arrives. Instead, to his eternal horror, he finds himself treated as “the model student”. To his amazement, he continues to grow throughout the adventure becoming an integral part of Stingo and Kush’s friend group and support network. His goal of becoming a legendary stoner in sports has him on the fast track for external fame. When he becomes stuck in his head, confused on what to do when the school comes crashing down. Oh, but he ends up discovering a cannabis strain heavy on CBD cannabinoids, making him an instant business success with sports stars around the world singing his praise for quick recovery. Lifted will never be the same again. What will he do with all his fame and money? Will he leverage his newfound personal fame to save the school? Or will he make greedy decisions leading to the death of the school? 

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