Meet The Characters – Budz Da Bunny

Budz Da Bunny

At first glance, anyone would underestimate Budz. She’s blonde, she’s pretty, she’s young, she has everything you could ever desire. Even Budz underestimates Budz. Raised by a mother who abandoned by her for a man, she becomes weary of men, pushing anyone who tries to become close to her away. Budz is so smart but low on self-confidence. When she first meets Stingo and Kush she is blunt, unhelpful, and just withdrawn. That will soon change as she immerses herself within the school to not draw attention. Oh, why is she not drawing attention? Well, she has a deep dark secret, but we will keep that a secret for now. Ohh, it’s worth mentioning that Kush has a crush on her that would make the notebook envious. Although, when Kush’s love for her becomes known, she becomes withdrawn and suspicious, yet no one can figure out why. The first person to ever demand that Budz rise to a higher standard is her best friend Munchies. Budz grows up — and fast — as she learns to survive in her new world and navigate the terrain of university. With each new class, she discovers she’s stronger than she thought and starts to come into her own.

The peacekeeper and the faultfinder, in simple terms Budz is the glue that holds our students together. Although, little do her classmates know she has that secret agenda, but more of that when your watching the show. Her off-beat, strong willed influence is both comic and warm. She is on two missions, becomes a legendary stoner in the field of medicine and keeps it a secret that she blames cannabis for her mum running off, leaving her behind. Budz’ trademark pink outfit with a gold-plated cannabis compound necklace is iconic. Budz becomes conflicted when she starts to fall in love with the world of cannabis, yet she knows deep down she must still blame something for her mother leaving. No matter how much she pushes back, Kush pushes forward, breaking down her hard exterior, don’t mess with me barrier. Her secret will push her to extremes. So what will she do when the decisions she makes puts all her friends in jeopardy? How does she navigate her relationship with Kush and Munchies? Will her secret lead to the school closing? How will her friends react when they discover secret?

Budz is definity a character to keep a close eye on throughout the story. You will either love her or loathe her. Although, she is so much more than you will ever expect. Budz is one to watch.

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