Meet The Characters – Munchies

Munchies is our one and only exchange student from the UK. She left the UK for UHA in Canberra when she got selected as the scholarship recipient to attend UHA. The university gives her a chance to explore Australia and study cannabis which she believes has the most potential to change the world.  Her passion comes from a chance to drive forward an industry that, she believes can help so many people from her own country with a range of different problems. Munchies is a golden girl at UHA – studying hard, inspiring others, winning Prof.D and Madam Lucid’s approval. But when she faces tough classes such as sport where she typically struggles, Munchie’s confidence is challenged – especially when she places bottom of the class in a subject she should have aced. (maybe just gave away a spoiler)

Munchies has two loves – science and cannabis. Munchies has the best of intentions with both. The road to legendary stoner status in science is one that will push her to new heights. At UHA, she becomes Budz’ best friend, they do everything together. They share their hopes, dreams, fears and secrets (well not all of them). Munchies interactions with Stingo and Kush are funny, thought provoking and insightful. Stingo and Kush always seem to be going to her for study tips and advice on how to handle certain situations.

The drive to be the best sparks competition with Budz. As both girls jockey for position on the UHA school achieves list, their fondness of one another evolves into a humorous, respectful relationship. Although, it all changes when she suspects Budz is up to no good. Munchies is torn between fronting Budz on her behaviour and not wanting to ruin her best friendship. When the school is in real trouble, however, Munchies turns to Kush to confide in. Whether she wants to admit it or not, she suspects Budz of evil doing. Will she push past her barriers and confront Budz about her behaviours? Will she be the secret ingredient to stopping the society? 

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