Meet The Characters – Whizzer Da Wombat

Whizzer Da Wombat – Kinggoldleaf

Whizzer is our typical cannabis stereotype. Slow, lazy, and simple minded but for a reason – he’s good at what he does, and he knows it.  But his behaviour seems to annoy others, although his surprising kindness shines through to make him the most loveable character of them all.  He tortures the other students to force them to be a better cannabis expert and he’s cool with Prof.D and Madam Lucid to protect himself when things go square. He doesn’t have many friends and that’s the way he likes it. It’s clean, his life. Some compare him to the enormously funny character Ron Swanson.

Whizzer is on a journey to become a legendary stoner in business and fulfills that role at UHA as the campus dispensary manager. There’s a darker personal history between Whizzer and Prof.D…but we’ll uncover that over time. For now, Whizzer is eager to regain his position as the go to guy, any way he can.  His cool, calm, carefree attitude is exactly why everyone loves him but there seems to be a lot hidden. He never reveals anything about himself to anyone and is careful on who he speaks with. Whizzer, the mystery of the story. Whizzer’s interactions with our protagonists, Stingo & Kush, are funny, direct and downright some of the best throughout the whole story. You will fall in love with Whizzer but also question his every behaviour with laser focus. Whizzer is and always will be the cool cannabis dealer we all wish we knew.

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