Meet The Characters – Prof.D

The Infamous Prof. D

The headmaster, founder, expert in all thing’s cannabis, Prof.D is our guide of the story. His super laser focus gives him an eye for detail, not letting any little thing that happens within his campus occur without his knowledge. Oh, wait, he does have one thing that seems to always pull his focus, his untold love of Madam Lucid. But that’s for later. Prof.D is the mastermind behind UHA. Hailing from the USA, Prof.D has a mission to educate the masses on the benefits of cannabis. His goal is simple, discover the most talented people he can and transform them into legendary stoners. A title only he can accord to anyone. 

Prof.D acts as the guiding light to all his students on campus. Having a hand in designing and delivering all the content for the students he feels invested in their journeys.  Although, his own journey so far as a cannabis activist, has placed targets on his back from far and wide.  The society is out for his head. You see, if Prof.D succeeds in his objectives the control the society has on the world will vanish.  Prof.D knows someone is out to get him, he is just unsure on who it is. One thing is for certain, Prof.D will stop at nothing to educate, inspire, help, motivate, and support his students no matter the cost. The interactions Prof.D has with our protagonist, Stingo & Kush are of thought provoking and inspiration. There is truly nothing our headmaster can not accomplish. You will be in awe of his wisdom and eagerly await his next speech. Well Stingo & Kush will be thats for sure. Our beloved headmaster will help shape the minds of cannabis users worldwide. A true leader.

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