Meet The Characters – Madam Lucid

Madam Lucid

Have you ever met someone who just seems to be a stickler for the rules and has all the answers? Well, if you haven’t, then you have now with Madam Lucid. Prof.D discovered Madam Lucid on a trip to Europe, where her go getter attitude coupled with her smart, elegant, persona really shone through.  Prof.D recruited Madam Lucid to become the school’s headmistress and main lecturer. Her classes are full on, although she pushes the students to get better they also fear her. She is one scary mother type lady. When things go square, guess who is always there to stop it? That’s correct, Madam Lucid. She comes across as harsh, old, and bossy but underneath that hard exterior is a soft, gentle, caring person who only wants others to reach their full potential.


Acting as a secondary guide and reference point for our characters, Madam Lucid plays an integral role. Oh, and it’s worth noting, all the behaviours that she believes shouldn’t be associated with cannabis, well, she makes sure that they are not acceptable. Driving on cannabis? Being lazy after smoking? Acting dumb towards others? You better believe she will rip you a new one. As the devil’s advocate, we learn all about the negative darker side to cannabis through her teaching.  Makes you wonder, how will she handle the attack on the school from the society? Well, that’s anyone’s guess.

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