Meet The Characters – K9 Security Crew

K9 Crew

The K9 crew are our campus security guards. These 5 puppies cause mayhem everywhere they go. Assigned to the school by the government, serving as a not-so-secret spy for the society, these puppies on the surface are totally clumsy idiots. Super loyal to their masters, the K9 crew takes orders from Prof.D and Madam Lucid but, only when it doesn’t conflict with their orders from the society.  Their super powerful noses give them an edge in discovering what the students are trying to hide from them. One thing is for certain though, their loyalty will constantly be questioned. Our first interaction with the K9 Crew comes from a moment when the fire alarms are set off, storming into the building attacking Lifted in the process, but you know attacking an anxious lion is never going to be a winning strategy. Quick to run straight into the action, their unwillingness to plan ahead always sets them up to fail.  Throughout their time at UHA, the K9 crew begin using cannabis and fall in love with all it has to offer. So, what happens when the society is forcing them to shut down the thing they love? We will have to wait and see.

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