Meet The Characters – The Society

The Society Leaders

The society is led by skilled, evil, strategic, and well-backed teddy bears in suits — exactly the kind of evil force we all hope doesn’t exist. But they do. The society is an influential group of conservatives who have vested interest in keeping the status quo. A conniving group who will stop at nothing to ensure the failure of Prof.D. As representatives of industry, government, and the church, this group is well-backed and highly resourceful. Having the K9 crew and secret agent on the inside this group discovers what the school is going to do next. But they won’t let that happen. Giving the secret agent a secret mission through an encrypted laptop The Society plays the role of the villain.
Every time the school seems to be making strides in their mission, The Society causes trouble, pushing UHA two steps back. The Society is an evil force and plays an essential role in establishing the plot of cannabis vs the conservatives. Their probaihition push is one driven by personal greed, maintaining personal power and pushing false information of the people they represent. Their plan is simple, to shut down the school and if they get their way, well all hope will be lost. Will the vision that Grandaddy had will become reality? The Society is not without their own challenges. What happens when the spies that they sent start becoming conflicted? What measures will they take to ensure success? Whose lives will they destroy before they’re all done?  This an many more questions will be answered throughout the series.

Theme Song

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