Meet The Characters – Nugtopia

The OG’s Nugtopia Crew

Nugtopia is a parallel universe away from the universe that Stingo and Kush reside. Stingo & Kush discover this universe by accident. You see, Nugtopia are our multiverse guides who serve the story from the role of fortune tellers. The Nugtopia crew lives in another dimension where Stingo and Kush journey to through cannabis induced meditation. The Nugtopia universe is constructed of a world where cannabis flowers replace people in a paradise of nature, love, happiness, and spirituality. The leader of this universe is Grandaddy. You see, Grandaddy has a unique power to be able to see into the future, a real clairvoyant with supernatural mystical abilities beyond our normal.  Granddaddy’s latest vision is one of major concern. His vision has shown him a world of cannabis prohibition, mass violence, ruled by big pharma with huge profits. This is the world the society is out to establish. A world that no one will ever wish to live.

Although Grandaddy can envision this future the Nugtopia residences are powerless to stop it. Forcing them to discover new solutions, they draw Stingo and Kush into their universe to warn them of the danger. Throughout the story Stingo and Kush will have frequent interactions with Nugtopia. Each individual Nugtopia resident provides our heroes with insights, resources, and support with the hope Stingo, and Kush can put a stop to the society’s plan before it is too late. And did I mention that the affects of Stingo and Kush’s mission will flow over into Nugtopia’s universe? How will Stingo and Kush overcome the dire outcome layed out by Granddaddy? Will they have what it takes to win the war? This and so much more in the upcoming TV animation series Stingo & Kush.

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