The creators of Stingo and Kush have a mission to use our beloved Dingo and Koala as symbols of the cannabis industry for Australia. Leveraging the power of creative writing short stories combined with entertaining content our mission is to educate and entertain each and every one of us about the benefits of cannabis.

Stingo and Kush need the help from you to de-stigmatise the image that is portrayed upon our culture and way of life. Harnessing the power of a community and with the use of scientific research, Stingo and Kush promise to provide education in a humorous way.

Stingo and Kush believe that it is fundamental to focus on increasing the health literacy, promoting sense of community togetherness and discussing the challenges that the industry is facing and will continue to face. Stingo and Kush aim to always highly consider the mental health of our readers and viewers all over the world. Thus, Stingo and Kush will be the platform to provide that! You can help to just subscribe to find out more.

Background Story

Stingo Da Dingo & Kush Da Koala are Australian born and bred stoners who love a good billy, an easy day at work and a cold bottle of hemp kombucha.

We believe that the war on our beloved plant cannabis has gone to long. We have had enough! It’s time to act. Uncle Stingo and Poppa Kush have a message to all the police and politicians who are against cannabis usage “Have a cone man and chill out”

The team behind Stingo and Kush believe that with the joining forces of all the people Stingo and Kush can be used as a symbol for the legalisation of Cannabis everywhere world wide!

As Australian’s who have suffered under poorly run governments who push negative information cascades about cannabis we simply had enough.

Join Stingo and Kush today on their adventures as they get through the ups and downs of life while trying to battle the Nongs who ban the magical plant of Cannabis!

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