Meet The Characters – Nugtopia

The OG’s Nugtopia Crew

Nugtopia is a parallel universe away from the universe that Stingo and Kush reside. Stingo & Kush discover this universe by accident. You see, Nugtopia are our multiverse guides who serve the story from the role of fortune tellers. The Nugtopia crew lives in another dimension where Stingo and Kush journey to through cannabis induced meditation. The Nugtopia universe is constructed of a world where cannabis flowers replace people in a paradise of nature, love, happiness, and spirituality. The leader of this universe is Grandaddy. You see, Grandaddy has a unique power to be able to see into the future, a real clairvoyant with supernatural mystical abilities beyond our normal.  Granddaddy’s latest vision is one of major concern. His vision has shown him a world of cannabis prohibition, mass violence, ruled by big pharma with huge profits. This is the world the society is out to establish. A world that no one will ever wish to live.

Although Grandaddy can envision this future the Nugtopia residences are powerless to stop it. Forcing them to discover new solutions, they draw Stingo and Kush into their universe to warn them of the danger. Throughout the story Stingo and Kush will have frequent interactions with Nugtopia. Each individual Nugtopia resident provides our heroes with insights, resources, and support with the hope Stingo, and Kush can put a stop to the society’s plan before it is too late. And did I mention that the affects of Stingo and Kush’s mission will flow over into Nugtopia’s universe? How will Stingo and Kush overcome the dire outcome layed out by Granddaddy? Will they have what it takes to win the war? This and so much more in the upcoming TV animation series Stingo & Kush.

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Meet The Characters – The Society

The Society Leaders

The society is led by skilled, evil, strategic, and well-backed teddy bears in suits — exactly the kind of evil force we all hope doesn’t exist. But they do. The society is an influential group of conservatives who have vested interest in keeping the status quo. A conniving group who will stop at nothing to ensure the failure of Prof.D. As representatives of industry, government, and the church, this group is well-backed and highly resourceful. Having the K9 crew and secret agent on the inside this group discovers what the school is going to do next. But they won’t let that happen. Giving the secret agent a secret mission through an encrypted laptop The Society plays the role of the villain.
Every time the school seems to be making strides in their mission, The Society causes trouble, pushing UHA two steps back. The Society is an evil force and plays an essential role in establishing the plot of cannabis vs the conservatives. Their probaihition push is one driven by personal greed, maintaining personal power and pushing false information of the people they represent. Their plan is simple, to shut down the school and if they get their way, well all hope will be lost. Will the vision that Grandaddy had will become reality? The Society is not without their own challenges. What happens when the spies that they sent start becoming conflicted? What measures will they take to ensure success? Whose lives will they destroy before they’re all done?  This an many more questions will be answered throughout the series.

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Meet The Characters – K9 Security Crew

K9 Crew

The K9 crew are our campus security guards. These 5 puppies cause mayhem everywhere they go. Assigned to the school by the government, serving as a not-so-secret spy for the society, these puppies on the surface are totally clumsy idiots. Super loyal to their masters, the K9 crew takes orders from Prof.D and Madam Lucid but, only when it doesn’t conflict with their orders from the society.  Their super powerful noses give them an edge in discovering what the students are trying to hide from them. One thing is for certain though, their loyalty will constantly be questioned. Our first interaction with the K9 Crew comes from a moment when the fire alarms are set off, storming into the building attacking Lifted in the process, but you know attacking an anxious lion is never going to be a winning strategy. Quick to run straight into the action, their unwillingness to plan ahead always sets them up to fail.  Throughout their time at UHA, the K9 crew begin using cannabis and fall in love with all it has to offer. So, what happens when the society is forcing them to shut down the thing they love? We will have to wait and see.

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Meet The Characters – Madam Lucid

Madam Lucid

Have you ever met someone who just seems to be a stickler for the rules and has all the answers? Well, if you haven’t, then you have now with Madam Lucid. Prof.D discovered Madam Lucid on a trip to Europe, where her go getter attitude coupled with her smart, elegant, persona really shone through.  Prof.D recruited Madam Lucid to become the school’s headmistress and main lecturer. Her classes are full on, although she pushes the students to get better they also fear her. She is one scary mother type lady. When things go square, guess who is always there to stop it? That’s correct, Madam Lucid. She comes across as harsh, old, and bossy but underneath that hard exterior is a soft, gentle, caring person who only wants others to reach their full potential.


Acting as a secondary guide and reference point for our characters, Madam Lucid plays an integral role. Oh, and it’s worth noting, all the behaviours that she believes shouldn’t be associated with cannabis, well, she makes sure that they are not acceptable. Driving on cannabis? Being lazy after smoking? Acting dumb towards others? You better believe she will rip you a new one. As the devil’s advocate, we learn all about the negative darker side to cannabis through her teaching.  Makes you wonder, how will she handle the attack on the school from the society? Well, that’s anyone’s guess.


Meet The Characters – Prof.D

The Infamous Prof. D

The headmaster, founder, expert in all thing’s cannabis, Prof.D is our guide of the story. His super laser focus gives him an eye for detail, not letting any little thing that happens within his campus occur without his knowledge. Oh, wait, he does have one thing that seems to always pull his focus, his untold love of Madam Lucid. But that’s for later. Prof.D is the mastermind behind UHA. Hailing from the USA, Prof.D has a mission to educate the masses on the benefits of cannabis. His goal is simple, discover the most talented people he can and transform them into legendary stoners. A title only he can accord to anyone. 

Prof.D acts as the guiding light to all his students on campus. Having a hand in designing and delivering all the content for the students he feels invested in their journeys.  Although, his own journey so far as a cannabis activist, has placed targets on his back from far and wide.  The society is out for his head. You see, if Prof.D succeeds in his objectives the control the society has on the world will vanish.  Prof.D knows someone is out to get him, he is just unsure on who it is. One thing is for certain, Prof.D will stop at nothing to educate, inspire, help, motivate, and support his students no matter the cost. The interactions Prof.D has with our protagonist, Stingo & Kush are of thought provoking and inspiration. There is truly nothing our headmaster can not accomplish. You will be in awe of his wisdom and eagerly await his next speech. Well Stingo & Kush will be thats for sure. Our beloved headmaster will help shape the minds of cannabis users worldwide. A true leader.


Meet The Characters – Whizzer Da Wombat

Whizzer Da Wombat – Kinggoldleaf

Whizzer is our typical cannabis stereotype. Slow, lazy, and simple minded but for a reason – he’s good at what he does, and he knows it.  But his behaviour seems to annoy others, although his surprising kindness shines through to make him the most loveable character of them all.  He tortures the other students to force them to be a better cannabis expert and he’s cool with Prof.D and Madam Lucid to protect himself when things go square. He doesn’t have many friends and that’s the way he likes it. It’s clean, his life. Some compare him to the enormously funny character Ron Swanson.

Whizzer is on a journey to become a legendary stoner in business and fulfills that role at UHA as the campus dispensary manager. There’s a darker personal history between Whizzer and Prof.D…but we’ll uncover that over time. For now, Whizzer is eager to regain his position as the go to guy, any way he can.  His cool, calm, carefree attitude is exactly why everyone loves him but there seems to be a lot hidden. He never reveals anything about himself to anyone and is careful on who he speaks with. Whizzer, the mystery of the story. Whizzer’s interactions with our protagonists, Stingo & Kush, are funny, direct and downright some of the best throughout the whole story. You will fall in love with Whizzer but also question his every behaviour with laser focus. Whizzer is and always will be the cool cannabis dealer we all wish we knew.


Meet The Characters – Munchies

Munchies is our one and only exchange student from the UK. She left the UK for UHA in Canberra when she got selected as the scholarship recipient to attend UHA. The university gives her a chance to explore Australia and study cannabis which she believes has the most potential to change the world.  Her passion comes from a chance to drive forward an industry that, she believes can help so many people from her own country with a range of different problems. Munchies is a golden girl at UHA – studying hard, inspiring others, winning Prof.D and Madam Lucid’s approval. But when she faces tough classes such as sport where she typically struggles, Munchie’s confidence is challenged – especially when she places bottom of the class in a subject she should have aced. (maybe just gave away a spoiler)

Munchies has two loves – science and cannabis. Munchies has the best of intentions with both. The road to legendary stoner status in science is one that will push her to new heights. At UHA, she becomes Budz’ best friend, they do everything together. They share their hopes, dreams, fears and secrets (well not all of them). Munchies interactions with Stingo and Kush are funny, thought provoking and insightful. Stingo and Kush always seem to be going to her for study tips and advice on how to handle certain situations.

The drive to be the best sparks competition with Budz. As both girls jockey for position on the UHA school achieves list, their fondness of one another evolves into a humorous, respectful relationship. Although, it all changes when she suspects Budz is up to no good. Munchies is torn between fronting Budz on her behaviour and not wanting to ruin her best friendship. When the school is in real trouble, however, Munchies turns to Kush to confide in. Whether she wants to admit it or not, she suspects Budz of evil doing. Will she push past her barriers and confront Budz about her behaviours? Will she be the secret ingredient to stopping the society? 


Meet The Characters – Budz Da Bunny

Budz Da Bunny

At first glance, anyone would underestimate Budz. She’s blonde, she’s pretty, she’s young, she has everything you could ever desire. Even Budz underestimates Budz. Raised by a mother who abandoned by her for a man, she becomes weary of men, pushing anyone who tries to become close to her away. Budz is so smart but low on self-confidence. When she first meets Stingo and Kush she is blunt, unhelpful, and just withdrawn. That will soon change as she immerses herself within the school to not draw attention. Oh, why is she not drawing attention? Well, she has a deep dark secret, but we will keep that a secret for now. Ohh, it’s worth mentioning that Kush has a crush on her that would make the notebook envious. Although, when Kush’s love for her becomes known, she becomes withdrawn and suspicious, yet no one can figure out why. The first person to ever demand that Budz rise to a higher standard is her best friend Munchies. Budz grows up — and fast — as she learns to survive in her new world and navigate the terrain of university. With each new class, she discovers she’s stronger than she thought and starts to come into her own.

The peacekeeper and the faultfinder, in simple terms Budz is the glue that holds our students together. Although, little do her classmates know she has that secret agenda, but more of that when your watching the show. Her off-beat, strong willed influence is both comic and warm. She is on two missions, becomes a legendary stoner in the field of medicine and keeps it a secret that she blames cannabis for her mum running off, leaving her behind. Budz’ trademark pink outfit with a gold-plated cannabis compound necklace is iconic. Budz becomes conflicted when she starts to fall in love with the world of cannabis, yet she knows deep down she must still blame something for her mother leaving. No matter how much she pushes back, Kush pushes forward, breaking down her hard exterior, don’t mess with me barrier. Her secret will push her to extremes. So what will she do when the decisions she makes puts all her friends in jeopardy? How does she navigate her relationship with Kush and Munchies? Will her secret lead to the school closing? How will her friends react when they discover secret?

Budz is definity a character to keep a close eye on throughout the story. You will either love her or loathe her. Although, she is so much more than you will ever expect. Budz is one to watch.


Meet The Characters – Lifted Da Lion

Lifted Da Lion

Poor Lifted. He’s the well-meaning guy who always manages to do and say the exact wrong thing at the wrong time. He has no idea how he can calm the beast inside and no idea how to redeem himself when the beast emerges. But he’s trying like hell to keep his head above water.

Lifted lives his life on a quote “a puff a day, keeps the beast away” – and in the process, continually questions his skills and his choice of Sports Science as a career. When things go wrong, moments of weakness, Lifted reverts back into the king of the jungle. Lifted is forced to run the sports classes long before his time. And he surprises himself and the other students by succeeding. He’s on the path to discovering that he’s better than he ever dreamed and that his double persona is a gift, not a curse.

Lifted is confident in his social skills, becoming the school’s most popular student without much effort on his behalf. Although his popularity gives him immunity when he has his “moments” he forever tries to work up the courage to get Prof.D and Madam Lucid to assist him with better coping strategies. A move he never seems to be able to accomplish, the right opportunity just never arrives. Instead, to his eternal horror, he finds himself treated as “the model student”. To his amazement, he continues to grow throughout the adventure becoming an integral part of Stingo and Kush’s friend group and support network. His goal of becoming a legendary stoner in sports has him on the fast track for external fame. When he becomes stuck in his head, confused on what to do when the school comes crashing down. Oh, but he ends up discovering a cannabis strain heavy on CBD cannabinoids, making him an instant business success with sports stars around the world singing his praise for quick recovery. Lifted will never be the same again. What will he do with all his fame and money? Will he leverage his newfound personal fame to save the school? Or will he make greedy decisions leading to the death of the school? 

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Meet Our Characters – Kush Da Koala

Kush Da Koala

Kush is a mass of mysterious contradictions for the others. He’s fiercely witty although he does take his time to come up with chair jumping responses. When Kush spots a weakness, he can’t help making fun of it. But making fun of him, is a big no, no. Oh, and it’s worth mentioning that Budz has caught his eye, making him hopeless whenever she is around. In class though, Kush is a genius who makes a point in displaying his superior intellect whenever he gets a moment to do so. Being Stingo’s best friend helps Kush grow as a person, Kush rubs off on Stingo for being so smart and patient where Stingo is brash, displaying his go getter behaviour every moment he gets.

UHA is going to test Kush in ways he never imagined. For the first time since he was little, Kush will be faced with uncertainty when his superior intellect skills fail to make up for his lack of people skills. Dealing with colleagues, campus staff and others throughout his adventures is going to drive him insane — they’re so…human. Oh, and don’t forget the PTSD that is crippling Kush, that when he is triggered will also be put to the test. Stingo will be key for overcoming his own ego that is stopping him from fully embracing his condition, making it his own in the process.

Confident to a fault, he’s going to begin to be challenged when he is faced with complex issues that don’t have clear solutions. His ambition to become a legendary stoner horticulturalist will take many turns when he discovers that there is so much, he does not know… Add in those feelings for Budz coming to a grinding halt when he accidentally discovers Budz’s deep dark secret.

HEY! Don’t worry — he’ll recover we hope…. But not until after he’s suffered the most morally conflicting decision of his life, that comes with being torn between the two loves of his life. There’s something pretty depressing about knowing your life’s mission and life’s greatest love have conflict…

Who will Kush turn to in his moment of weakness? His best friend, his mentor, or his lover who doesn’t love him back just yet?..


Meet Our Characters – Stingo Da Dingo

Stingo Da Dingo

It’s not easy being Stingo – no matter what anyone else may think. At university, Stingo gains ground quickly in his social life. With each new challenge he faces he is becoming more confident in his skills, adding a flair to his personality. But his life is complicated by his own character flaws. There is his best friend Kush who he shares all his experiences with, however, there’s the secret of his ADHD and then there’s a certain issue… he does not think things through before acting.

Stingo and Kush make an attempt at navigating university the same they way have navigated through life so far with a carefree attitude. But they are doomed to fail, of course; one just acts the other is too slow to act.  Stingo, determined to get to legendary stoner status in music, involves himself with the everything he is not supposed to. But there’s a reason Stingo does this, rarely does his ADHD allow for him to complete the required course work. When he finally tells Prof.D of his condition, the stress of hiding the condition and the reaction of his friends, make him question his decision of telling anyone. It’s only when Kush reveals his own medical condition of PTSD that Stingo begins to trust in his own ability and open up about how cannabis helps him overcome his ADHD. But just when everything seems ride-off-into-the-sunset wonderful, there’s an unpleasant surprise. Prof.D and Madam Lucid reinform the students of a secret society that is out to destroy all of their hard work. The society is led by skilled, evil, strategic, and well backed teddy bears in suits — exactly the kind of evil force we all hope doesn’t exist. The teddy bears are watching UHA to oversee any complication that could arise from a shift in society’s perception of cannabis, at least that is their excuse. They’re actually there to protect their own self-interest since cannabis has the potential to disrupt all the industries they represent.

Stingo as well as Kush finds themself being taken under the wing of the Nugtopia leader, Grandaddy, who has the skill of foresight. Having a mentor is a blessing; having a mentor who knows their outcome is not. The reality of cannabis always being a part of the prohibition cause becomes more of a burden as Stingo and Kush attempt to keep it a secret from everyone. After a lifetime living in the bleak world of cannabis prohibition where to treat their own conditions or just use cannabis, they would need to buy cannabis from underground black-market dealers, Stingo and Kush are determined to ensure they discover who the secret society are and take them down before they have the chance to succeed in their own mission. Having their exciting new world taken away from them before it even begins will not stand with Stingo and Kush.


CBD has arrived down under! So why can’t we get a hold of it anywhere yet?

Stingo and Kush are as excited as you are about hearing that CBD is now available in Australia over the counter! The big question is why can’t we get it yet?

Since the beginning of February people in Australia are  now officially allowed to purchase CBD from a pharmacy without even getting a prescription. However, the first sale has not happened yet, as there are currently no approved products available, and some would have liked to see more from this law. 

According to the Therapeutic Goods Administration, who pushed this through, not only will there be a wait before cannabis is available, the only product that will legally be sold is CBD oil with trace amounts—specifically 1 percent—of CBD. Up to 150 mg a day could be offered over the counter to help with things like sleeping, pain, and anxiety.

Is the perception changing?

This change was made when cannabis was changed from a schedule-4 drug, which needs a prescription, to a schedule-3, which is available over the counter. Cassandra Hunt from Fresh Leaf Analytics has this to say about the rescheduling:

“It’s the biggest milestone since legalisation in 2016 and it’s going to dramatically change access for patients in Australia,” said Cassandra Hunt, managing director of Fresh Leaf Analytics. “Previously, they’ve had to go to a GP and they’ve had to talk to the GP about what they’re trying to treat, and then the GP has had to get special permission in order for them to be able to access a prescription.”

It is key to note here that she added that because of all the registration and red tape involved, it could be a while before over-the-counter cannabis is readily available. 

“In order for companies to get these products registered or available over-the-counter in pharmacies, they have to be registered as an S3 medicine,” she said. “What that requires is quite significant data about the safety and efficacy and quality of the products.”

This is in line with Australia’s propensity for heavy regulation, and also because the industry is so new. Regulators want time to learn more about CBD and ensure the quality of their products. 

“That data, given the industry is so young, isn’t easy to come by,” Hunt added. 

She also mentioned that part of the idea behind this move could be to push cannabis further away from the illicit market.

“If you couple that with making it more easily accessible through pharmacies, that should hopefully make a big difference for people who’ve been getting relief through those channels, but maybe can’t rely on those products being good quality.”

“Sometimes those products say they have something in them and that’s not in there, so you can’t really rely on the fact that you’re getting a good product.If you couple that with making it more easily accessible through pharmacies, that should hopefully make a big difference for people who’ve been getting relief through those channels, but maybe can’t rely on those products being good quality.”

Stingo and Kush both agree a fully functioning, regulated and endorsed system for cannabis and cannabis deprived products would change the whole perspective of the industry. You can too by subscribing, purchasing and watching anything from the Stingo and Kush website! It is our mission to use the communication channel of storytelling/animation to capture the wider audiences attention to educate on the cannabis plant! Help us help the industry! It’s your move, we’ve just passed the joint to you.


The High Club Conversations: Chad Carpenter/Nimbus LLC

Roll up, roll right and light up the best weed you have for this one. For sure you will want to tune in for another exciting interview conducted by Stingo Da Dingo for THCC segment. We are fortunate enough that the founder and director of Nimbus who will be joining us for an exclusive interview surrounding all the exciting and upcoming projects of the company.

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Stingo + Chad

Stingo: Thank you so much for taking time out of your busy days to join us Chad! This has to be one of the most exciting interviews we have done to date! The Nimbus start up is such an outstanding idea/application.

Nimbus: You are welcome. Thank you for having us for the opportunity to be interviewed.


Stingo: Nimbus is a new company in the cannabis industry, which makes me think that people may not be fully aware of who you are yet. So if you don’t mind, could you please describe who you are and what you do in the cannabis industry?

Nimbus: By trade, I’m a user experience designer, agile scrum master, lean 6 sigma green belt, entrepreneur, collaborator, and a dreamer. I worked in medical reference materials, especially pharmaceutical references, for a little over 13 years at Elsevier. Elsevier is the largest source of scientific and medical reference in the world. Clinical Pharmacology, ToxED,  FirstConsult, MDConsult, and NursingConsult are a handful of products I had the honor of designing.

That background in iterative and incremental human centered design, continuous improvement in software design, and a decade plus applying it to a medical reference have coalesced nicely for us to pursue Nimbus. Nimbus is an app, fueled by large sets of data correlated on medical efficacy and patience experience, to pair patients with the most appropriate cannabis for their respective condition and desires.

Nimbus Logo

Stingo: Wow that is so much experience. All this experience would create a wealth of knowledge. In that theme, what are your most important insights into the cannabis industry in your state/country?

Nimbus: I’m still learning, as many insights continue to emerge for me within the cannabis industry. Medical cannabis was just legalize for Missouri in 2020, and dispensaries still have not sold a gram. It’s my belief that medical cannabis is still in its infancy across the US, largely because research has been stagnant since it is still not federally legal. I think that’s why Nimbus is so important to me because it can quickly apply the current research at the point of sale to help patients select the appropriate flower and products. Nimbus also collects patient reports on experience and efficacy to build on the current understanding. All this data will enable Nimbus to incorporate the research conducted on cannabis into the future.

Taking on this project has enlightened me to the endocannabinoid system, the various therapeutic properties of the plant, and the many applications that cannabis can positively affect. While cannabis has been criminalized for its psychoactive properties, there are methods for administration and at low doses that benefit patients without an intoxicating experience. It blows my mind that this natural, organic plant that can remedy pain, nausea, sleep, anxiety, hunger, and inflammation is illegal when opioids are readily available and over prescribed.

That’s a long winded way around to say, I can’t believe how beneficial and misunderstood this plant is. I look forward to dispelling the stigma and contributing to the advancements of healthier healthcare.

Nimbus Soultion

Stingo: The miss information surrounding cannabis is very concerning. Honestly, Kush and I appreciate that you are working towards changing the perspective. Change is coming that is certain, how in your opinion is the industry going to change?

Nimbus: I see the applications and research of cannabis increasing exponentially very soon. This would lead to adult use being decriminalized and available similar to other controlled substances. The process allows for healing in patients in a better, quicker and a more humane way. I believe clinicians will begin to prescribe specific plant properties for specific conditions. I dream of the day when patients will be able to cultivate their own medication rather than rely on commercial distribution. I think this can reduce the dependency on addictive synthetic pharmaceuticals that are sold at an extreme markup and developed based on their profitability. It’s a game changer for the industry of healthcare and self soothing.

Nimbus Progress

Stingo: It would be our dream here to in Australia. The industry is due for a whole revolution especially the medical market. That lead us onto our final question. What is the focus for the future?

Nimbus: We are working with partners to produce a solution that can go to market. Tuning our algorithms to correlate plant chemical properties with the perceived experience and efficacy. We are collecting patient surveys to understand their experiences with specific plants. We’re working with cultivators and manufacturers to understand how they would like to evolve their breeding and formulas to address specific patient populations. We’re following the light to help advance this new field of medicine. I’m excited to see where this will lead us.

Stingo: That is awesome new! The future looks bright for the industry and the people who benefit most from the cannabis plant. Thank you so much once again for joining us and we look forward to watching Nimbus grow into a beautiful flowering plant. Pun intended.

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The High Club Conversations: Monkey Nugs!

Hold up are you for real? Monkey Nugs is in the house to join Stingo Da Dingo for another heartwarming, mind tingling, emotionally driven interview for The High Club Conversations (THCC).

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Stingo: Monkey Nugs welcome and thank you for joining me to share your story.

Monkey Nugs: Thank you for having me on THCC Stingo! I look forward to sharing my story and hopefully shaping the minds of others in this space.

The real Monkey Nugs swinging around

Stingo: You have a pretty incredible story to share. Do you mind by sharing a bit about yourself?

Monkey Nugs: I’m nothing more than a Human sharing the love of cannabis with my trouble making sock Monkey Nugs, whom I met back in March of 2012 in NY. The Poor thing was hanging out on the streets.  

Stingo: The streets of NY are no place for a monkey to be hanging around. What made you pick him up?

Plantation with Monkey Nugs

Monkey Nugs: To be honest it was one of the many things we had in common.  As a big part of my life was changing, my oldest daughter gave me Monkey Nugs as a travel companion. See, I’ve always struggled fitting in and interacting with people so Monkey Nugs went with me to help out.  We needed a fresh start, which lead us to travelling around NY, TN, KY, FL, and MO trying to change the mindset of cannabis. Moving between jobs in the medical and aerospace field we decided to settle down in MO in the year 2016.  It was only a matter of time before cannabis would be legal there so it made perfect sense. The next few years were spent networking and studying everything about cannabis. This lead to a group of 5 unique individuals who partnered up for a dispensary, extracts, and cultivation licensing. With out of pocket funding and working around the clock we constructed 12 caregiver grow rooms, fully working extracts lab with walk in freezer and dispensary storefront. As a Caregiver in MO you can grow for 3 patients allowing 18 plants in flowering at a time. In doing so I fell in love with growing and teaching others what I have learned. 

 Stingo: Wow that is incredible, truly mind blowing. It sounds to me like Monkey Nugs has been a big driving force behind your passion and goals. So tell me how does what you are doing fit in with the cannabis industry as a whole?

Little Sprouting

Monkey Nugs: Monkey Nugs is all about helping people that can’t afford doctors certification fees / MMJ application fees. By providing start up equipment and plants from growers to patients,  or as simple as helping out growers in need that we have seen sacrifice so much of their own time to help others. I have always believed that those who can help should help. This is our way to give back. 

Stingo: Helping others is the fundamental principle of a collective good. All this work must of had some set backs. Can you tell us about them?

Monkey Nugs Crew

Monkey Nugs: The losses have taken a massive toll. After losing 3 lifetime’s worth of money, I decided to pack up all of my grow SOP and share the knowledge with new growers. It started with 5 mothers that was able to average 220-300 clones per plant.  Now we hunt easy to cultivate plants that have higher resistance to issues new growers face. We donate cuttings to patients in need and help with funding for supplies when medical expenses are too high.  Some patients suffer from immunity deficiency so having a strong genetic base is very important in cultivating health plants! We network with grow shops to find patients that can’t afford the initial start up cost due to medical expenses. 100% of clone donations go to helping those special people out.  In doing so it creates a huge network of real cannabis knowledge that patients can learn from and become successful at growing their own medicine. This allows new growers to skip all of the bad bro-knowledge and irresponsible advertising of shady companies.

Stingo: What I find amazing is even after losing so many resources you still continue to help others where it matters most. In the theme of helping others, this year has seen COVID-19 place everything on hold. Has that been the case with you?

Monkey Nugs Grow Facility

Monkey Nugs: Unfortunately the State lock downs have slowed down MO Cannabis. The industry was poised to begin this year (2020), however, most of what people need to build the grow sites/ dispensary/ extract facilities are now closed or limited. The first cultivation site was cleared to grow in June so we still have a long way to go.  Companies will have slow start to get harvest cycles started.  
As far as Monkey Nugs goes, we quarantine all plants that are donated or home grown for a minimum of 2 weeks using natural remedies for pest prevention / fungal treatment before ever presenting them to patients. On another note, Covid had put a stop to the first of our bong race competitions. Including our main event called the Fastest Gram. Each contestant will start with a 1 gram nug, competition bong, 2 Bic lighters and a timer. When the time starts, the competitor will break down the nug and smoke it. The fastest time wins and everyone keeps the souvenir bongs. There are group competitions and 3 different levels for shops to compete at dab off challenges for notoriety. 

Stingo: Geeze COVID why did you have to go and ruin all the fun for aye! What do you see the cannabis industry looking like in the future?

Monkey Nugs Logo

Monkey Nugs: A roller coaster ride. The industry is up and down and constantly under attack. In every state, cannabis activists fight for legalization, only for big pharma and government fat cats to buy out the majority of licences. Just this year companies like Altria (Marlboro cigarettes) purchased 45% stake in Cronos leaving only 6% for a full take over. Soon the Cannabis industry will be out of the people’s hands unless we learn to grow with great community help. 

Stingo: Let’s pray it does not get to that stage. Being Australian and seeing one of our companies (Cronos) begin purchased by a tobacco company makes me cringe. Finally to wrap up is there anything else you would like to add?

Team Monkey Nugs

Monkey Nugs: I would like to give a shout out to Kloneman Nursery for always having my back and supporting me 100%. He personally donated around 50 cuttings from 10 different genetics. Making it possible to help a Lupus patient start his grow, and even helping a fellow grower with moving expenses, you will always be family.
Mad World Edibles, thanks for helping us reach patients that can’t smoke and soothing their pains with beautiful edible art! You helped a vet with both knee and shoulder replacements deal with the pains of physical therapy in KY and reached patients down in Poplar Bluff MO. Keep doing what you do and thanks for working with us when we first started. 

Stingo: Monkey Nugs this has been my absolute pleasure sharing your story. Keep doing what you are doing and remember to all our beloved followers please subscribe and keep posted for the upcoming Stingo and Kush show.

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Are you consuming cannabis right? Kush Koalafications.

Welcome to another episode of Kush Koalafications. Today Kush will be answering all those slow burning questions surrounding your consumption of cannabis. Do you ever think to yourself that maybe, just maybe, you are not consuming cannabis right? Is there a right way to do it? Is all we have been told been a lie?

Kush is joined today by Budz Bunny to answer all of those questions and more using the most up to date research available world wide. Let’s get into it!

Image from Cannabis Digest

Kush: Budz welcome back to Kush Koalafications were we use research evidence to educate the every day cannabis user.
Budz: Thanks for having me back. This is my favorite segment. I heard that you have questions about if you are consuming cannabis right?
Kush: Yes that’s right! I heard recently that there is new research surrounding cannabis consumption? Something along the lines of getting more high?
Budz: You heard correctly! Our academic colleagues published new findings in the JAMA Psychiatry journal outlining how higher levels of THC affects the consumer.
Kush: More THC the better aye Budz?
Budz: That’s what we use to think, however, that may not be so. More THC does not mean more high!
Kush: What do you mean? Like come on, of course more THC means more high!
Budz: Kush let me explain what I mean. The researchers set up an experiment where they measured THC levels in the blood before, straight after and 1 hour later of cannabis consumption. The findings they discovered showed that having higher levels of THC levels in the blood did not get the person more “high”.
Kush: How does that happen? I swear if I have high level THC concentrates I get way more baked. I turn into a Sunday night roast.
Budz: That may be the case hours later after you have consumed the high levels of THC but not initially. The research findings come to the conclusion that we have a max amount of THC our cannabis receptors in the central nervous system can take.
Kush: Budz can you explain to me what that means?
Budz: Sure! In our central nervous system our body has cannabis receptors which when you consume cannabis grabs hold of the THC which leads to you feeling “High”.
Kush: So we are made of cannabis, that is super cool! Wouldn’t that mean more THC more stoned? Like alcohol where if I drink more beers I get more drunk?
Budz: That’s what we use to think but not anymore. The research indicates that our cannabis receptors are more like a cars fuel tank. Once it is full, adding more won’t do you any good.
Kush: Dam! Mind is blown. I have been consuming cannabis wrong this whole time! What does this mean for the every day smoker?
Budz: It means that you should experiment with different strains or amounts until you uncover the correct amount of THC your body needs to make you high then stop smoking, eating, drinking or any other way of consuming it until after 1 hour. After 1 hour the affects of cannabis begin to decrease, allowing for the THC receptors to be re-fueled again.
Kush: Well there you have it, I have been consuming cannabis wrong. Thank you so much Budz! I will be experimenting to find my sweet spot now. Once again thank you reader for tuning in to another episode of Kush Koalafications.

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Mind Blown


The High Club Conversations: Bluntfield!

On this episode of THCC, Stingo interviews the independent label owner, emcee, cannabis advocate and all round amazing dude and artist Bluntfield. Stingo dives in to all those burning joint questions surrounding Bluntfield’s mission, his role in the cannabis industry and how Australian Cannabis industry is looking in a futuristic perspective. Okay no more hyping up and lets get into it!

Dizzy Wright and Bluntfield do a show together in WA

Stingo: Welcome to The High Club Conversations Bluntfield! We are happy you are here man sharing your story with all the amazing Stingo and Kush family.

Bluntfield: Thanks for having me guys! Appreciate the reach out before your upcoming animation series!

Stingo: Ah, making me blush. Today is not about our series, it is all about you bro! So lets start off by telling everyone a little about yourself? How do you fit in the cannabis industry?

Bluntfield: I’m a proud cannabis advocate and musician based in Perth and release content under the emcee alias ‘Bluntfield’. I run the independent label, Mad Fap Entertainment, promoting live shows, including the cannabis-cultured ‘ChronicFest’ events annually on April 20th.

Bluntfield & Merkules

Stingo: Yeah give it up for another Aussie ya’ll! Kush and I will need to get out to next years ChronicFest for sure! Hopefully this COVID-19 will calm its farm and let us good folk have a chance to blaze one together again!

Stingo: Hmm, so you are from WA. Coming from Western Australia the other side of the country, what are some insights into your local state cannabis industry?

Bluntfield: For sure would love you to come out for ChronicFest!

Bluntfield: While we’re at the tail end of prohibition and medicinal cannabis is legal here, Western Australia still has awhile to go when it comes to full legislation. Regional police still publicly parade around small grow operations and possession busts as if it’s a noble or credible ‘victory’. Despite this, I’m optimistic about the future and the social, economic and medicinal benefits full legislation can bring to our state. 

Bluntfield vs Trump

Stingo: The government needs to get it right especially since states have so much power over the federal government. We have witnessed that with the response to COVID-19. In the theme of coronavirus, how do you think it has affected the cannabis industry?

Bluntfield: So many industries have been hit hard due to Covid-19, so I imagine cannabis has suffered as well. Given the economic uncertainty and recession we’re facing, now more than ever it makes sense to legitimize the cannabis industry in Australia and aid us across the board in freeing up the justice system and police resources while establishing new businesses, employment and helpful medicine.

Bluntfield OG

Stingo: Give power back to the people aye! Bluntfield, being such an accomplished individual who strives for a better tomorrow, what is your perspective for the future?

Bluntfield: I am focusing on releasing music and expanding Mad Fap around the country and abroad while staying adamant on cannabis education and legislation, leading to a transition within the industry! Thanks for the interview, look forward to your upcoming project!

Stingo: Good luck from Stingo and Kush! We always love jamming out to your music! Currently our hit is Puffin Donuts . For your Bluntfield hit the link and watch the visuals!

Bluntfield Album.

Stingo: Thank you for coming on today bro! Keep it nice and toasty and never forget together we can make tomorrow happen, today! Subscribe down below for more Stingo and Kush.

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Cannabis and Gym: Kush Koalafications.

Welcome back to another installment of Kush Koalafications. On this episode Kush is joined by Mr CBD King, workout god, beast mode activated, Lifted Da Lion. Lifted has been attending the gym since he was a little cub, bulking up his muscles to push to the top of his field. Now Lifted is studying along side Kush at UHA studying sports and cannabis science. Along the way Lifted has discovered some ground breaking insights about the positive affects of cannabis and gym.

Lifted Da Lion OG

Kush: Lifted thank you for swinging by, or should I say, smoking by for today’s episode of Kush Koalafications.

Lifted: No problem bro I am here to help.

Kush: Can you explain to me why I seem to be able to workout for longer high?

Lifted: Cannabis has medicinal properties that produce anti-inflammatory features and neurotransmitters like dopamine and endorphins. Which help make it easier to work out for longer.

Kush: Hmm, so its basically like you get extra energy because things hurt less, yeah?

Lifted: Yeah, basically. CBD produces a systemic anti-inflammatory response in the body which makes each rep hurt a little less. THC the psychoactive compound found in cannabis helps by producing neurotransmitters which makes the workout more enjoyable.

Kush: Wow, so cannabis and gym is a match made in heaven. Does it have any other benefits?

Lifted: Research has shown two more benefits for cannabis and gym.

Kush: Could you share with us what they are?

Lifted: Cannabis and gym work well together by producing anti-anxiety functions and delayed onset muscle soreness. So not only does going to the gym feel less intimidating but it hurts less and feels better!

Kush: Man!! The government needs a slap down by Goku for real. Why is this stuff banned! I will never know or appreciate such misguided rules!

Lifted: I agree bro it is a crime they hold back natural medicine that has proven studies showing it’s direct benefits. Just to wrap things up, cannabis and gym are like good bud and food. They just go together!

Kush: Thank you for reading, I hope you learned how smoking a toke before or after a workout can help with them gains and fat loss. Please subscribe below for more Kush Koalafications. Where research helps build a better tomorrow, today!

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When you high at the gym an love it!

Visit to Whizzer’s Room Pt 3 – The Final Chapter

Thank you for tuning into the series of Whizzer’s room pt 3 – the final chapter! This is the final episode of Visit to whizzer’s room! .

Last time we left our heroes Stingo and Kush, they were in Lifted Da Lion’s room scared, because Lifted had just rolled over abruptly, growling as if he had woken up. Kush shocked, quickly jumps behind the cupboard door scared he may be spotted. Stingo idiotically persists with smoking the joint Kush so humbly made for the plan around five minutes earlier. Stingo reaches over to Kush. Kush is frozen absolutely bewildered with what will happen next if Lifted wakes up and spots both Stingo and Kush in his room.

Stingo pleads to Kush to wake up in a vicious fashion,

“Please Kush wake da fuck up before I bitch slap ya!”

“Okay, please know I did not want to have to do this”


Stingo slaps Kush, right, left right! Nope, not even the three slaps from hell could trigger Kush to wake up. What is Stingo going to do now? Stingo is more anxiety driven than the head office of FIFA, however he has a last ditch idea to save the day! Stingo grabs Kush’s ear and says,

Kush Da Koala

“Okay Kush, you will hate me for saying this!”

“But, there’s Budz quick, she is with another boy!”

Kush jumps like Steph Curry going for a three, stuttled, unaware of his surroundings before suddenly snapping back. Confused and dazzled Kush ask’s Stingo

“Umm, what just happened?”

Stingo Da Dingo under intense gut wrenching pressure replies,

“You went all snow crab”

“rougher than sandpaper”

“like nothing in there, all gone, I did not know what to do?”

Kush, now more confused than the weedman after you give him an extra tenner, reponds,

“why does my jaw hurt?”

“And, why do I think I remember you saying that Budz was with another boy?”

Stingo is super nervous, fidgety, jumbles his words in his reply

“umh, wellllllllllll”

“You seeeeeeeee”

“Don’t worry about it let’s just hot box the room and get to Whizzer’s

Stingo and Kush agree to discard the scene that just occured and focus on the plan ahead. Kush takes the joint off Stingo and lights it up in anticipation of hox boxing Lifted da Lion’s room. Two minutes and a joint Whiz Khalifa would be proud of later, and the boys now face an unexpected challenge. Stingo and Kush are too stoned to remember what the heck they were supposed to be doing. Stingo pleads to Kush,

“So, now what do we do?”

Kush stunned like a mullet out of water mumbles in his reply,

“just get out of here”

“yeah, nooooooooo”

“wait, we need to tickle and wake up Lifted?”

Stingo takes a moment to ponder on his thoughts before replying,

Stingo Da Dingo

“Fuck! yeah that’s right I need to give him the flick and trick”

“then we will scramble to Whizzers!”

Stingo and Kush both now on the horses back, quickly move into position to wake Lifted up. They must run for Whizzer’s room like they’re playing sonic the hedgehog otherwise they will be caught by security.

Stingo waits at the end of the bed where Lifted da Lion is sleeping, whereas Kush is waiting next to the door with his hand on the knob ready to shoot off. Stingo quietly asks Kush ready to execute the plan,

“you ready?”

“1, 2, 3!”

“Flick and Trick!”

Lifted springs awake like he just heard an overloud speaker shout out that it’s 420! Kush opens the door, running faster than Usain Bolt trying out for professional football, Stingo behind him like China is behind the coronavirus. The boys escape and hide behind the pot plant in the hallway across from Lifted’s room.

The suspecting, cowardly, heart stricken Lifted Da Lion calls security following UHA policy about unsolicited hot boxes. Security immediately responds appears at the room within seconds. Kush and Stingo now have their chance to make a break for it! Kush goes to Stingo:

“okay let’s make a break for it”

“straight down the hallway while they’re all distracted”

“Whizzer’s room is the third on the left”

Stingo spring locks and fires before Kush can even notice, leaving Kush to trawl behind like a lure on a boat. Phew, finally the boys have made it to Whizzer’s room without being spotted. Stingo more quiet than a dingo stealing a baby from ya tent knocks frantically,

Kush doing mindfulness and medication

“Whizzer, Whizzer, Whizzer!”

“It’s Stingo and Kush”

“let us in bro we need to get on!?”

Whizzer opens the door and Stingo and Kush rush inside before being seen. Whizzer unfazed by what he just endured turns to the boys and says,

“Why did you knock on my door like madmen?”

Stingo and Kush frantically trying to respond over the top of one another reply in harmony,

“We need to get medicated!”

“so we snuck past security by hot boxing Lifted’s room”

“fuck, stop trying to copy me!”

Stingo and Kush glare in each other eyes before turning their attention to Whizzer who did not care for their theatrics and began weighing up the ounce the boys came to get in the first place. Whizzer turns to Stingo and Kush slowly scratching his head and asks…

“So, I am guessing you did not get the flyer about my high way express then?”

“I built a tunnel from the common room to my dorm”

Whizzer throws the Dizzy Wright blanket covering the entrance to his burrow, located just to the right of his dorm door. Stingo and Kush throw their paws up like their team just lost the superbowl!

“Mann!!! Fuck!”

“okay peace and good vibes bro”

“next time you feel me”

“keep it 100!”

Thank You for reading some Stingo and Kush. Keep reading, following our instagram and subscribing to find out what’s next for Stingo Da Dingo and Kush Da Koala.

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Mindfulness and Medication

Kush Koalafications Featuring Prof. D! This episode in on Mindfulness and Medication.

It’s day 18 on lockdown and everyone is going insane in their dorm rooms at UHA. The world is in lockdown from a lethal pathogen from an unknown origin. Stingo and Kush have a conspiracy theory that the virus was released by the Nongs (“the secret conspired group trying to stop the legalisation of cannabis worldwide”).

The days are turning into nights, turning back into days, the loop is continuous and there seems to be no end in sight. Stingo and Kush are unaware as to when one day stops an another one starts. It’s all just becoming ONE BIG DAY! Kush is starting to freak out. He is losing his identity, his schedule is lost, well, nothing just seems to be the same anymore.

Kush Da Koala with his trusted plant base medication

Kush is so bored and unsure of what to do that everyone in his mind in falling apart. See, usually Kush would be seen in the library at UHA reading up on some of the best plant textbooks or falling asleep on the couch in the common room, too baked trying to watch live sport.

Live sports are dead all around the world, so damn there goes that idea. Umm the University said it was all virtual now, so that rules out going to the library as it is going to be closed. Okay I’ll go outside and sit in a tree, maybe do some exercise? Let’s just take a quick look outside from the window. Fuck! Of course, it must be raining.

Hmm, Netflix and YouTube. That’s it, I will catch up on all the content I have desperately been wanting to watch. Okay, all I need to do is find my laptop, take a seat down, light up a joint and relax. Nope that’s right Kush you can’t do that either, Stingo has your laptop and is asleep in his room. I could try to get over to his room. Nope won’t work, security is roaming the halls again!

Damn nothing is working, I am going insane! Okay Kush calm down everything is going to be alright. Remember what Prof. D said in his lecture today about mindfulness and medication. There seems to be nothing left, might as well give mindfulness and medication a go?  

I’ll call Prof. D, get those first-hand tips on medication and mindfulness. Prof. D is some sort of fire blasting monk dragon. Who knows where he came from but somehow this puffing dragon got that Bill Gates and Gandhi type of knowledge? Okay I’ll call him now and see what he has got to say. Kush dials out to Prof. D…

Prof. D hears his phone ring in his jacket pocket. Buzz, buzz. OH, shit it is Kush! I’ve been rolling all day like a sushi shop. How do I handle this? You are the infamous Prof. D! Do not get lazy on our students let’s set an example. Okay I better answer….

“Kush how can I help you young bear?”

Kush sweating in an anxious state replies,

“Prof. D, you were mentioning medication and mindfulness recently?”

“Could you tell me a bit more about that?”

Prof. D intrigued by Kush’s question replies,

“Sure, more than happy to help, what did you wanna know about?”

Kush scratching his head in disbelief of his situation,

“I am going out of my mind!”.

 “lockdown is driving me crazy, I need some help?”

“Could you please tell me how I can use mindfulness and medication to get through this crisis?”

Prof. D scuffles through his desk trying to find his notes from the earlier online lecture, responds;

“Of course, I can.” Rushing to answer Kush’s question.

“let’s first take a look at medication and the type of medication which is useful for this exercise.”

“I recommend a hybrid strain, preferably stevia dominated, this is for its ability to relax the ego and allow your inner self to be open to the sensors around you.”

Kush scrunches up his nose, thinking to himself that he must reject this witchcraft.

“Let me stop you there Professor.”

“I am calling for mindfulness, not a witch doctor ceremony?”

Prof. D blasts into a hysterical laughter, 

The Infamous Prof. D

“Kush my young bear apprentice, please wait and listen to the whole process before you pass it off as witch doctor techniques”.

“No spells are being cast here today or any other day!”

Kush humbled by the professor’s words responds in a lowered tone,  

“okay, okay, I will give you the benefit of the doubt”

“what do I need to know next professor?”

Prof. D, now relaxed by Kush’s reply eases his tone, gives himself the breath he needs to explain to Kush,

“This is your first lesson Kush”

“You must become mindful to be able to practice mindfulness”

Kush, embarrassed because he hasn’t the furthest clue about mindfulness answers,

“Hmm without trying to sound stupid, what is being mindful?”

Prof. D answers with a tone of enthusiasm,

“To be mindful is to be aware of your thoughts and actions, in the present without judging yourself!”

“To be mindful, you must know the mind, train the mind and free the mind!”

“To do this you will need to let go of all ideas, people, possessions, judgements and self-desire images from the past and future”

“Be here, in the present, let go of all else!”

Kush understandably confused with the riff wrath that Prof. D is flinging off left right and centre,

“hmm, professor you are going to have to tell me step by step how to do this yeah?”

Prof. D answers in a flurry of enthusiam.

“There are a few basic steps to our mindfulness approach”

 “are you ready to take the plunge to uncover your into your inner self?”

Kush reminiscing on his childhood replies moments later,

“okay I am ready, Mr Miyagi teach me your ways, old sensei sir!”

Bowing his head even though Prof. D can not see over the phone,

Prof. D responds in a tone trying not to be offended by Kush’s comment, considering he had spent all morning teaching these exact methods in the virtual lecture,

“okay Step 1 is pretty easy

“let’s find a nice and quiet spot to sit with your head, neck and back up straight”

 “don’t be stiffy like Vladimir Putin though”

Prof. D continues…

 “now it is time to focus on the now, the present”

“letting go of the past and future and tuning into the now”

Kush takes a seat down on his floor trying to be Zen, takes in a deep breath then answers 

“The now, the present, the Zen”

“Okay, I can do this, focus on what is going on around me!”

“Hmm, what is that smell?”

Prof. D replies misguided by what he just heard

“That is just my weed Kush, I just lit it!”

Kush stunned at Prof. D’s response replies,  

“did you just say your weed professor?”

Prof. D flushed by the unexpected response by Kush, replies in a lower tone.

“Fuck, Fuck!”

 “Don’t worry”

“No Kush, just try and be here in the here and now!”

Prof. D continues

“Okay now you have found somewhere to sit and be quiet”

“all focused on the now”

 “that is step one and two”

“moving onto step three now then yeah?”

Kush is in a chaotic mindset, placing him in an unsure way, not knowing how to be in the present. Contemplating all the past, scared of the future, stutters while trying to reply

“umm, umm, umm,”

“Prof. D please what is next?”

 “I still do not know how to be with the present”

Prof. D replies

“we can not skip any step Kush”

“just sit and listen to yourself breathe”

 “Focus on the air moving in and out of your lungs”

“Feel your belly rise and fall”

Kush getting into the Zen space, can feel as the breath moves in and out of his body, watching, noticing when his belly rises and falls like building up a balloon and letting it go.  

Prof. D continues his advice to Kush on mindfulness and medication

“If your mind wonders, and it will”

“Just observe where it went”

“do not judge where or why it went there”

“Just simply return to your breathing and focus on that”

After transcending into a phase, focusing fully on his own breathing for a few minutes, awaiting further instruction from Prof. D, Kush notices that Prof. D’s breathing has become drawn out and inflamed…

 “Professor are you okay sir?” Kush asks worried that something may have happened to the professor.

“Hmm, yes, yes do not worry” Prof. D replies, suddenly awoken from his momentary nap.

“Phew, well I have been focusing on my breathing for ages and nothing from you Doc…”

“you went quieter than our government about the pandemic testing protocols” remarks Kush with his usual witty humour.

Prof. D replies shook at Kush’s last statement..

“well what do you feel like doing?”

“My mind is clear, and I am ready for what’s next” Kush responds, unsure on what is next in the whole process.

Prof. D replies using the wisdom of Solomon and the spirit of Bob Marley;

“blazing one, being creative and touching base with what is important?”

Kush stunned and amazed at what he just heard exclaims;

“Yes Prof. D!”

“I am going to blaze one, call my family, learn something new and do something creative”

Kush noticing this new relaxed feeling states;

“Wait, I am confused on what just happened?”

Prof. D replies to Kush to uncover the truth

Mindfulness and Medication

“what do you mean you’re confused on what just happened?”

Kush liberated from the meditation/medication ritual responds

 “well before I was in crisis mode”

“my whole world was crumbling, falling apart, destroyed!”

“well now I feel inspired and in touch with myself again”

“what happened?”

Prof. D, smiling like he just found out his COVID-19 test was negative replies;

“Kush, you just found a moment in time to reflect, open the ego, and become you”

“experience that moment, re-live it, be inspired by it and continue to do it”

“No matter what, we can get through this, each and every one of us!”

Kush blown away by this wizardry responds,


“thank you, Prof. D,”

“I have got to go now and do those things we talked about”

“once again thank you and remember always medicate and meditate!”

Prof. D almost insulted by the advice he was just given replies;

 “Just keep on preaching to the choir Kush”

 “keep on preaching bear.”

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Stingo + Kush Education

Hemp Vs Cotton

Here at Stingo and Kush we made it our mission to provide the people with the best quality, most sustainable and overall most environmentally friendly products we can make! That’s why we choose Hemp, man!  

So what is Hemp? 
Well you better sit down girls and boys, grab a cone light it up and read the history Uncle Stingo is about to tell you. 
Once upon a time in a land not so far from here with a big arse wall lived a man known as Emperor Shen Nung. The Emperor was a man that ruled China in about the time of 2700 BC. Now the Emperor you see was the first world ruler where written recorded evidence shows that he was fond of a particular plant which has so many outstanding qualities, yes that right the same plant your coughing as you read this, Cannabis Sativa. 

Yo! Slow down there don’t get to excited and start trying to light up that fresh Tee you just got off the website, you just can’t get high of Hemp it doesn’t work. Bummer we know but let Uncle Stingo tell you why?

Hemp is made from the stalks of the Cannabis Sativa plant which only contains roughly 0.3% or below of the psychoactive compound known as THC. The fibres are separated then spun into yarn and woven or knitted into fabric. 
History shows the Emperor wasn’t the only ruler who knew how to get it on by using Cannabis. King Henry VIII, saw how the material hemp can be used to make sailing ships because of its strong nature and salt resistant qualities. Leading to hemp being used to manufacture sails, ropes, decks and more! King Henry did not want the country to run dry of this magic plant so he ordered a law, in 1535, enforcing every citizen to plant a patch of hemp on their lawn (if only our politicians had the same approach and toke as the Emperor). 
In fact, Hemp is so old that the American constitution, the first pair of levis jeans, canvas and many other materials we know today is made from it. 

What makes Hemp fabric a great choice for you? 
Uncle Stingo will never steer you wrong my fellow puff puff pass soldier. Below is many reasons why Hemp is for you. 

1 – Hemp takes roids! Nope not really but might as well. Hemp is so strong and durable when compared with cotton the material is three times stronger! Make thing even better Hemp doesn’t loose it’s gains even after repeated washes. The fibre does not break down just gets nice and soft. 

2 – Its an insulator. Hemp has this extraordinary power to keep you all snug in a rug like a bug. No more cold mornings trying to walk to the kitchen to turn on the jug freezing, stay warm with Hemp.

 3 – Hemp just breathes. The material acts like a bouncer at the club not letting moisture in telling it to move on so it can be evaporated, thus you will stay cool like the cool summer breeze in the air even when the sun needs to tone it down.

 4 – Hemp and bacteria do not get along so Hemps gone full antibacterial. The antibacterial and antimicrobial elements in the Hemp fabric prevents them stinky haven’t washed your clothes in a week smell. 

5 – Hemp has a fully awesome built in UV protection. When the sun comes to play Hemp keeps the cancer away! Added bonus of this feature is the color protection. No fades on this Dingo, all about the dreads man.

 6 – You know how when you wash your cotton clothes than if its not dry in time you get some smelly mold or mildew? Then you need to wash it again. Its no fun right. Well Hemp is mold and mildew free! Uncle Stingo gives this a gold puff.

 7 – Don’t you hate when you put your clothes in your bag to take for a sesh but take them out when you get there and its all wrinkled up? Yeah Uncle Stingo and Popper Kush use to also until they got Hemp. Hemp is wrinkle resistant.

8 – Uncle Stingo knows that his been giving cotton and other materials a hard time. But he does wanna add that Hemp is very versatile and can be blended and used with different materials to change the texture, weight and colour of it.

9 – Got no time to put into caring for your clothing? Hemp is the answer. The material is naturally stronger wet than dry allowing for easy to wash and care for without the stress and worry of putting the washing machine on the wrong setting.

10 – Hemp is all Natural. The pure essence of this makes the plant all the more remarkable. Hemp comes from the earth, is produced naturally and has so many environmentally important features about it. Uncle Stingo is going to share with you some of them now. 

There you go my friends some of the many reasons why hemp is a better alternative for your clothing needs than cotton.

Click the link to grab your very own hemp Stingo + Kush range now! Limited edition only!

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