Trichomes Bring Out The Beauty In Cannabis

There is no more guess work as research conducted proves cannabis flowers with the “frosty look”, pack the most cannabinoids and terpenes. That frosty look is made up of those little fella’s called Trichomes. Yeah so what you say? What does that mean for me? Well for starters it caters to your life enriching cannabisContinue reading “Trichomes Bring Out The Beauty In Cannabis”

What is cannabis?

Cannabis sativa, the natural growing plant which also has been known to go by marijuana, weed, ganja & pot contains hundreds of natural components. Of these components, cannabinoids are the most active ingredients. Don’t forget about the other important ingredients called “Terpenes“. The components interact with certain receptors that are located on the cells ofContinue reading “What is cannabis?”

CBD has arrived down under! So why can’t we get a hold of it anywhere yet?

Stingo and Kush are as excited as you are about hearing that CBD is now available in Australia over the counter! The big question is why can’t we get it yet? Since the beginning of February people in Australia are  now officially allowed to purchase CBD from a pharmacy without even getting a prescription. However, theContinue reading “CBD has arrived down under! So why can’t we get a hold of it anywhere yet?”

The High Club Conversations – Dr Weiss (Ep 2)

Welcome friends to this episode of The High Club Conversations – Episode 2. Hosted by Stingo Da Dingo. This episode we speak with a Clinical Psychologist from Miramar, Florida, United States of America named Dr Weiss. On this show we talk all things medical marijuana and health! Read more to find out. Stingo: “Thank youContinue reading “The High Club Conversations – Dr Weiss (Ep 2)”

Cannabis and Music? We love it but why?

Welcome our friend to another episode of Dr Kush’s – Koalafications. Cannabis and music will be discussed on this episode of Stingo and Kush. Meanwhile Stingo Da Dingo has just arrived back from a whole two torturous weeks of visiting his beloved Grandma. Grandma is no ordinary old lady though, no, she is a lady,Continue reading “Cannabis and Music? We love it but why?”

Coronavirus and Cannabis: How do they react?

Welcome back friend for another installment of “Kush Koalafications“. In this episode Kush and Stingo will dive deep down into the Coronavirus, what it is and how cannabis is kicking its arse one wipe at a time! Firstly, Kush and Stingo wanna take a moment to congratulate all the hard work and effort put inContinue reading “Coronavirus and Cannabis: How do they react?”

Stingo + Kush Education

Hemp Vs Cotton Here at Stingo and Kush we made it our mission to provide the people with the best quality, most sustainable and overall most environmentally friendly products we can make! That’s why we choose Hemp, man!   So what is Hemp? Well you better sit down girls and boys, grab a cone light it up andContinue reading “Stingo + Kush Education”

Introducing Stingo + Kush

Stingo + Kush? Who are the most iconic Australian stoner duo? What is their mission? These questions and more will be answered now! Keep reading to find out! Who are Stingo + Kush? Australia’s most iconic stoners! Stingo Da Dingo An native Australian Dingo who is a keen advocate for Stevia based cannabis products. CanContinue reading “Introducing Stingo + Kush”