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To aid in our mission of creating the best animation possible we established a chop shop offering a range of different production of only the highest quality. Shop now and support small business.


Stingo and Kush believe that it is fundamental to focus on increasing the health literacy and promoting sense of community togetherness through our production services.

24/7 Support + Money Back Guarantee + $10 Fixed Delivery
Bongsmats + Grinders + Bong + Papers + Smell Proof Bag + Hemp Clothing

Don’t waste your money on company’s who won’t be there for you!  Let us help you avoid costly mistakes. We work with Australia Post to get you the order ASAP! We can offer discreet packaging if required. The Chop shop has got you covered! Reward yourself with some high quality smoking accessories!

Our Founders Words!

Until now only a select few have pushed for cannabis to be legalised throughout the world. Behind the scenes and in parliament people are pushing for a change. But the real payoff will come when we are able to have a full commercial marketplace with dispensaries and regulations for the whole supply chain. That is our dream. Become part of that dream by supporting independent artist who hope with the support of others together we can. Buy Local because it’s up to you to make a difference!

LEGAL DISCLAIMER & STATEMENT: Stingo and Kush chop shop & accessories does not condone, promote or incite the use of any illegal or controlled substances, nor wish to induce anyone to act in conflict with their national or local laws. Smoking accessories are only used for the following purposes: Tobacco, entertainment, ornamental, display, souvenir, educational value, historical & scientific reference

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