Meet The Characters – Budz Da Bunny

At first glance, anyone would underestimate Budz. She’s blonde, she’s pretty, she’s young, she has everything you could ever desire. Even Budz underestimates Budz. Raised by a mother who abandoned by her for a man, she becomes weary of men, pushing anyone who tries to become close to her away. Budz is so smart butContinue reading “Meet The Characters – Budz Da Bunny”

Are you consuming cannabis right? Kush Koalafications.

Welcome to another episode of Kush Koalafications. Today Kush will be answering all those slow burning questions surrounding your consumption of cannabis. Do you ever think to yourself that maybe, just maybe, you are not consuming cannabis right? Is there a right way to do it? Is all we have been told been a lie?Continue reading “Are you consuming cannabis right? Kush Koalafications.”

Budz Da Bunny First Day at UHA! Pt1

The Morning Of Budz’ first day Daylight broke as it would any other day, however for one Budz Bunny today was no ordinary day. No, this day was in fact the most important day in her short life so far, as you see Budz was the only Canberran to be selected by recommendation to attendContinue reading “Budz Da Bunny First Day at UHA! Pt1”