How weed changes our taste of food!

Kush Koalafications

Welcome to another installment of Kush Koalafications. This post is dedicated to further your understanding of how weed changes the taste of food. Especially, the food we all know and love!

We join the boys on a typical Sunday afternoon shed session. Stingo, blazed from the biggest dab he was dared to endure, all of the sudden becomes aware he is watching the birds fly past outside the window just above the sink, still waiting for his Deliveroo order to arrive. Stingo now back in his head realises that he is contemplating and internally debating all the weird and wonderful benefits cannabis gives him. There seems to be just one answer he is stuck on. Locked on this question of how does weed change our taste of food? Stingo turns to Kush, hoping and praying that Kush will somehow know the answer to his burning question. Stingo’s hope lies on his understanding that Kush studied at the University of Hemp Australia.

Stingo: “Hmm, so Kush I have a question for you?” In a tone of curiosity.

Kush: “God dammit, every fucken time” Kush responds with a tone of annoyance.

Kush: “What is it this time bro? I am trying to pack my cone and you keep interrupting me with questions”. Kush begins to tone down his attitude.

Stingo: “Well you know how food is always next level when you’re baked right?” Stingo requests with a tone of contentious curiosity.

Stingo: “Like food always tastes so much better after a few cones or a massive joint” “why is that?” Stingo asks with a confused look on his face

Kush: “Hmm, there is a few parts to answer this question Stingo”. Kush replies scratching his bum trying to find the lighter.

Kush: ” I’ll start by letting you know that our tastes buds do not change when we are high”. Kush highlights while waving his unlit joint around.

Kush: “Research has found that the cannabinoid system that is located in our brains and nervous system, when stimulated by THC improves our perception of smell from “reward producing” products such as sweets and chilli’s“. “This also has a direct effect on how our brain recalls positive memories and experiences of the past”. “The recalled memories and increased smell produce a positive reaction”. “The heightened sensation and memory recall abilities changes hunger arousal allowing for a more rewarding experience when eating”. “So all this together is how weed changes our food”.

Stingo: “Bro I don’t really get it aye?” Stingo replies with a tone of sarcasm.

Stingo: “Stop being such a nerd and tell me in normal words bro?” Stingo asks while scratching his head faster and faster.

Kush: “Hmm, Okay well it’s kinda like bringing back childhood memories where awesome foods reigned supreme, mixed with super hero powers of smell”. Kush replied with a grin.

Kush: “Does that make sense?” Kush asks trying to find out if Stingo has finally understood what his trying to say.

Stingo: “Hmm, kinda of bro”. Stingo responds still looking puzzled.

Stingo: “It’s kinda like having super powers?” Stingo asks Kush wondering what the fuck he was just told.

Kush: “Sort off, let’s just say this you enjoy food more when your high because your brain enhances the experience of the food overall in a positive way”. Kush replies in a energetic upbeat tone.

Stingo: “OH, I get it now!” “The weed brings back the feeling of being a kid when eating food and all the enjoyment it brings”. “Not only that weed makes the food smell better!”. Stingo responds happy his finally understood Kush.

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