Stingo and Kush: Visit to Whizzer’s room.

Welcome to another installment of Stingo and Kush short stories. This episode the boys need to make it to the other side of the UHA campus to get weed. Stingo and Kush need to visit Whizzer’s room. But they are stuck! The lockdown mean the University has sent out all the stops! Will Stingo and Kush make it? Keep reading to find out

Stingo and Kush are blazing up in the residence at the University, Kush, usually strong as a bear, is becoming more and more nervous as the moments pass. The deep, intensive medicating Stingo and Kush just went through hasn’t seemed to help. “I wonder what I am going to do next?”, Kush thinks to himself. Stingo recommends a trip to Whizzer’s residence. “Kush c’mon we need to go see whizzer to get more medicated” Stingo tries to make Kush hear. Kush not paying any attention because he is freaking out inside, doing his best to hide the inner turmoil that is going on. Who knows what’s next, with everything  in crisis mode outside. The COVID-19 pandemic has forced the hands of the government to the extreme, placing everything on lock down. To stop the spread of the horrific deadly virus. Ahh, but the boys have to see Whizzer before they run dry!!! No! The timing could not have been worse. The roads are blocked and the boys need to find a way to sneak over to Whizzer’s residence room.

You see, Whizzer is the on-campus dealer. Don’t be mistaken though, he is no ordinary Wombat. Whizzer is known as a cool and mysterious Wombat. Whizzer is always around but somehow, someway, he always seems to get away before getting in trouble. Still to this day, Stingo and Kush cannot figure out how he seems to always know the way out of every sticky situation.

Stingo asks Kush again if he is willing to accept the impossible challenge of travelling to the other side of the University Campus without being seen. Kush responds, “we’re for sure going to be seen by on-campus security bro”. Stingo, without hesitation, moves a little closer to Kush, Kush has no clue what’s going on, unable to see social cues. Kush freaks, jumps back, Stingo looks at him in the eyes and states, “You jumped faster than a fiery kangaroo on the Canberran roads!”.

Unfortunately for Stingo and Kush the on-campus security has really beefed up their defences. The University has sent out their top Professors including the top honcho; ”Prof. D.” The professor’s mission is simple, keep everyone in their rooms. Punishment equals failure , the professor who finds you units at stake here. Even worse if Prof. D finds Stingo, Stingo will be kicked out of UHA.

The Infamous Prof. D

Kush has devised a plan to sneak past all the wide and crazy professors and security guards on the UHA halls. Kush says to Stingo “Stingo, I’ve got a plan to get over to whizzers room” “it’s going to take both of us to pull it off though”. Stingo pauses, slowly he shifts his attention to answer Kush, “Tell me what it is and if we can make it work I am down!”. Kush ushers Stingo closer to tell him his master plan. “Okay so we will have to distract all the guards and professor’s by sounding the fire alarm”. Stingo stops Kush suddenly “Kush bro, we would for sure get kicked out if we did that”. Kush responds “Stingo, if we don’t get more weed I am going to get kicked out for going crazy while on lock down!” Stingo nodding his head in agreement and humming with ideas, asks Kush;  “How do we set the fire alarm off?”

Kush replies “Look, if you follow my undetectable, ingenious plan of going to Budz Bunny’s room over in the girl’s dorm, hotboxing her room, then Budz will be forced to ring security so they open the door and set the fire alarm off.” Stingo chilled by the bittersweet idea of hurting his friend Budz replies “How dare you Kush, that’s unreal, you know Budz does not smoke.” “yeah mate I know, the girl moves to the university of Hemp Australia, and doesn’t smoke, she sticks out like a joint from your mouth on Fried Fridays if you ask me” says Kush with a chuckle.
“Anyway Kush!? The plan? What now?”

“Stingo, Stingo, you really do need a cone bro, we will do the plan but we wont hit up Budz Bunny’s room. No biggie, we’ll just go to Lifted the Lion’s dorm, he is always sleeping, we’ll wake him by tickling his paw after we hot box the room because we both know he will not wake up by the hot box alone” “then we hide in the hall way, Lifted won’t know what’s hit him.” “Lifted will call the security because he will freak out then we use that moment to escape”. Stingo ecstatic with the new idea offers one super cool secret handshake and the boys are on their way. Sure, it isn’t fool proof, but Kush is sure to feed Stingo da Dingo a pot brownie with extra chocolate in a minute if he doesn’t shut the hell up about this virus and his immediate need for weed.

Stingo and Kush creep down the hallway into the dorm named Fire House where Lifted’s room is located. Stingo and Kush both live in the dorm up the hallway named Earth House. They quickly hurry and arrive there undetected.
“Oi Kush do you think it’s this door?” Stingo whispers into Kush’s left ear hoping to be quiet.
Kush confused at the utter nonsense his just witnessed replies “What, you mean the one with “Lifted’s Room” scratched on it?” “don’t quit your day job Stingo”. “The door’s unlocked bro, let’s just go in”………

What do you think will happen in part two? Will Stingo and Kush make it to Whizzer’s room? Can they get past the headmaster Prof. ? Please comment your answers below! Subscribe now to find out more!

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