Cannabis and Gym: Kush Koalafications.

Welcome back to another installment of Kush Koalafications. On this episode Kush is joined by Mr CBD King, workout god, beast mode activated, Lifted Da Lion. Lifted has been attending the gym since he was a little cub, bulking up his muscles to push to the top of his field. Now Lifted is studying along side Kush at UHA studying sports and cannabis science. Along the way Lifted has discovered some ground breaking insights about the positive affects of cannabis and gym.

Lifted Da Lion OG

Kush: Lifted thank you for swinging by, or should I say, smoking by for today’s episode of Kush Koalafications.

Lifted: No problem bro I am here to help.

Kush: Can you explain to me why I seem to be able to workout for longer high?

Lifted: Cannabis has medicinal properties that produce anti-inflammatory features and neurotransmitters like dopamine and endorphins. Which help make it easier to work out for longer.

Kush: Hmm, so its basically like you get extra energy because things hurt less, yeah?

Lifted: Yeah, basically. CBD produces a systemic anti-inflammatory response in the body which makes each rep hurt a little less. THC the psychoactive compound found in cannabis helps by producing neurotransmitters which makes the workout more enjoyable.

Kush: Wow, so cannabis and gym is a match made in heaven. Does it have any other benefits?

Lifted: Research has shown two more benefits for cannabis and gym.

Kush: Could you share with us what they are?

Lifted: Cannabis and gym work well together by producing anti-anxiety functions and delayed onset muscle soreness. So not only does going to the gym feel less intimidating but it hurts less and feels better!

Kush: Man!! The government needs a slap down by Goku for real. Why is this stuff banned! I will never know or appreciate such misguided rules!

Lifted: I agree bro it is a crime they hold back natural medicine that has proven studies showing it’s direct benefits. Just to wrap things up, cannabis and gym are like good bud and food. They just go together!

Kush: Thank you for reading, I hope you learned how smoking a toke before or after a workout can help with them gains and fat loss. Please subscribe below for more Kush Koalafications. Where research helps build a better tomorrow, today!

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