The High Club Conversations: Bluntfield!

On this episode of THCC, Stingo interviews the independent label owner, emcee, cannabis advocate and all round amazing dude and artist Bluntfield. Stingo dives in to all those burning joint questions surrounding Bluntfield’s mission, his role in the cannabis industry and how Australian Cannabis industry is looking in a futuristic perspective. Okay no more hyping up and lets get into it!

Dizzy Wright and Bluntfield do a show together in WA

Stingo: Welcome to The High Club Conversations Bluntfield! We are happy you are here man sharing your story with all the amazing Stingo and Kush family.

Bluntfield: Thanks for having me guys! Appreciate the reach out before your upcoming animation series!

Stingo: Ah, making me blush. Today is not about our series, it is all about you bro! So lets start off by telling everyone a little about yourself? How do you fit in the cannabis industry?

Bluntfield: I’m a proud cannabis advocate and musician based in Perth and release content under the emcee alias ‘Bluntfield’. I run the independent label, Mad Fap Entertainment, promoting live shows, including the cannabis-cultured ‘ChronicFest’ events annually on April 20th.

Bluntfield & Merkules

Stingo: Yeah give it up for another Aussie ya’ll! Kush and I will need to get out to next years ChronicFest for sure! Hopefully this COVID-19 will calm its farm and let us good folk have a chance to blaze one together again!

Stingo: Hmm, so you are from WA. Coming from Western Australia the other side of the country, what are some insights into your local state cannabis industry?

Bluntfield: For sure would love you to come out for ChronicFest!

Bluntfield: While we’re at the tail end of prohibition and medicinal cannabis is legal here, Western Australia still has awhile to go when it comes to full legislation. Regional police still publicly parade around small grow operations and possession busts as if it’s a noble or credible ‘victory’. Despite this, I’m optimistic about the future and the social, economic and medicinal benefits full legislation can bring to our state. 

Bluntfield vs Trump

Stingo: The government needs to get it right especially since states have so much power over the federal government. We have witnessed that with the response to COVID-19. In the theme of coronavirus, how do you think it has affected the cannabis industry?

Bluntfield: So many industries have been hit hard due to Covid-19, so I imagine cannabis has suffered as well. Given the economic uncertainty and recession we’re facing, now more than ever it makes sense to legitimize the cannabis industry in Australia and aid us across the board in freeing up the justice system and police resources while establishing new businesses, employment and helpful medicine.

Bluntfield OG

Stingo: Give power back to the people aye! Bluntfield, being such an accomplished individual who strives for a better tomorrow, what is your perspective for the future?

Bluntfield: I am focusing on releasing music and expanding Mad Fap around the country and abroad while staying adamant on cannabis education and legislation, leading to a transition within the industry! Thanks for the interview, look forward to your upcoming project!

Stingo: Good luck from Stingo and Kush! We always love jamming out to your music! Currently our hit is Puffin Donuts . For your Bluntfield hit the link and watch the visuals!

Bluntfield Album.

Stingo: Thank you for coming on today bro! Keep it nice and toasty and never forget together we can make tomorrow happen, today! Subscribe down below for more Stingo and Kush.

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