The High Club Conversations: Chad Carpenter/Nimbus LLC

Roll up, roll right and light up the best weed you have for this one. For sure you will want to tune in for another exciting interview conducted by Stingo Da Dingo for THCC segment. We are fortunate enough that the founder and director of Nimbus who will be joining us for an exclusive interview surrounding all the exciting and upcoming projects of the company.

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Stingo + Chad

Stingo: Thank you so much for taking time out of your busy days to join us Chad! This has to be one of the most exciting interviews we have done to date! The Nimbus start up is such an outstanding idea/application.

Nimbus: You are welcome. Thank you for having us for the opportunity to be interviewed.


Stingo: Nimbus is a new company in the cannabis industry, which makes me think that people may not be fully aware of who you are yet. So if you don’t mind, could you please describe who you are and what you do in the cannabis industry?

Nimbus: By trade, I’m a user experience designer, agile scrum master, lean 6 sigma green belt, entrepreneur, collaborator, and a dreamer. I worked in medical reference materials, especially pharmaceutical references, for a little over 13 years at Elsevier. Elsevier is the largest source of scientific and medical reference in the world. Clinical Pharmacology, ToxED,  FirstConsult, MDConsult, and NursingConsult are a handful of products I had the honor of designing.

That background in iterative and incremental human centered design, continuous improvement in software design, and a decade plus applying it to a medical reference have coalesced nicely for us to pursue Nimbus. Nimbus is an app, fueled by large sets of data correlated on medical efficacy and patience experience, to pair patients with the most appropriate cannabis for their respective condition and desires.

Nimbus Logo

Stingo: Wow that is so much experience. All this experience would create a wealth of knowledge. In that theme, what are your most important insights into the cannabis industry in your state/country?

Nimbus: I’m still learning, as many insights continue to emerge for me within the cannabis industry. Medical cannabis was just legalize for Missouri in 2020, and dispensaries still have not sold a gram. It’s my belief that medical cannabis is still in its infancy across the US, largely because research has been stagnant since it is still not federally legal. I think that’s why Nimbus is so important to me because it can quickly apply the current research at the point of sale to help patients select the appropriate flower and products. Nimbus also collects patient reports on experience and efficacy to build on the current understanding. All this data will enable Nimbus to incorporate the research conducted on cannabis into the future.

Taking on this project has enlightened me to the endocannabinoid system, the various therapeutic properties of the plant, and the many applications that cannabis can positively affect. While cannabis has been criminalized for its psychoactive properties, there are methods for administration and at low doses that benefit patients without an intoxicating experience. It blows my mind that this natural, organic plant that can remedy pain, nausea, sleep, anxiety, hunger, and inflammation is illegal when opioids are readily available and over prescribed.

That’s a long winded way around to say, I can’t believe how beneficial and misunderstood this plant is. I look forward to dispelling the stigma and contributing to the advancements of healthier healthcare.

Nimbus Soultion

Stingo: The miss information surrounding cannabis is very concerning. Honestly, Kush and I appreciate that you are working towards changing the perspective. Change is coming that is certain, how in your opinion is the industry going to change?

Nimbus: I see the applications and research of cannabis increasing exponentially very soon. This would lead to adult use being decriminalized and available similar to other controlled substances. The process allows for healing in patients in a better, quicker and a more humane way. I believe clinicians will begin to prescribe specific plant properties for specific conditions. I dream of the day when patients will be able to cultivate their own medication rather than rely on commercial distribution. I think this can reduce the dependency on addictive synthetic pharmaceuticals that are sold at an extreme markup and developed based on their profitability. It’s a game changer for the industry of healthcare and self soothing.

Nimbus Progress

Stingo: It would be our dream here to in Australia. The industry is due for a whole revolution especially the medical market. That lead us onto our final question. What is the focus for the future?

Nimbus: We are working with partners to produce a solution that can go to market. Tuning our algorithms to correlate plant chemical properties with the perceived experience and efficacy. We are collecting patient surveys to understand their experiences with specific plants. We’re working with cultivators and manufacturers to understand how they would like to evolve their breeding and formulas to address specific patient populations. We’re following the light to help advance this new field of medicine. I’m excited to see where this will lead us.

Stingo: That is awesome new! The future looks bright for the industry and the people who benefit most from the cannabis plant. Thank you so much once again for joining us and we look forward to watching Nimbus grow into a beautiful flowering plant. Pun intended.

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