Meet Our Characters – Stingo Da Dingo

Stingo Da Dingo

It’s not easy being Stingo – no matter what anyone else may think. At university, Stingo gains ground quickly in his social life. With each new challenge he faces he is becoming more confident in his skills, adding a flair to his personality. But his life is complicated by his own character flaws. There is his best friend Kush who he shares all his experiences with, however, there’s the secret of his ADHD and then there’s a certain issue… he does not think things through before acting.

Stingo and Kush make an attempt at navigating university the same they way have navigated through life so far with a carefree attitude. But they are doomed to fail, of course; one just acts the other is too slow to act.  Stingo, determined to get to legendary stoner status in music, involves himself with the everything he is not supposed to. But there’s a reason Stingo does this, rarely does his ADHD allow for him to complete the required course work. When he finally tells Prof.D of his condition, the stress of hiding the condition and the reaction of his friends, make him question his decision of telling anyone. It’s only when Kush reveals his own medical condition of PTSD that Stingo begins to trust in his own ability and open up about how cannabis helps him overcome his ADHD. But just when everything seems ride-off-into-the-sunset wonderful, there’s an unpleasant surprise. Prof.D and Madam Lucid reinform the students of a secret society that is out to destroy all of their hard work. The society is led by skilled, evil, strategic, and well backed teddy bears in suits — exactly the kind of evil force we all hope doesn’t exist. The teddy bears are watching UHA to oversee any complication that could arise from a shift in society’s perception of cannabis, at least that is their excuse. They’re actually there to protect their own self-interest since cannabis has the potential to disrupt all the industries they represent.

Stingo as well as Kush finds themself being taken under the wing of the Nugtopia leader, Grandaddy, who has the skill of foresight. Having a mentor is a blessing; having a mentor who knows their outcome is not. The reality of cannabis always being a part of the prohibition cause becomes more of a burden as Stingo and Kush attempt to keep it a secret from everyone. After a lifetime living in the bleak world of cannabis prohibition where to treat their own conditions or just use cannabis, they would need to buy cannabis from underground black-market dealers, Stingo and Kush are determined to ensure they discover who the secret society are and take them down before they have the chance to succeed in their own mission. Having their exciting new world taken away from them before it even begins will not stand with Stingo and Kush.

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